Step 1: Register with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry (NMLS)

  1. Visit the NMLS Resource Center
  2. Click on the "Log in to NMLS" button
  3. Click on "Request an Account"
  4. Choose "Individual" option
  5. Enter all required information and ensure it is correct
  6. Click "Finish"

Step 2: Complete NMLS-approved pre-license education (PE)

You must complete a total of 20 hours, including 2 hours of state-specific education. Taking our national course and our 2-hour FL SAFE course will fulfill this requirement. Both courses are included in our Florida MLO Pre-License Package.

Step 3: Pass the SAFE MLO Test

You need to schedule an appointment to take the exam using your NMLS account. The cost of this exam is $110.

Step 4: Apply for your Florida MLO license

After passing the SAFE exam, submit your license application through the NMLS website. In this step, you must complete the Individual Form (MU4).

Step 5: Complete a criminal background check

To become an MLO in Florida, you must complete both a state and federal criminal background check. As part of your state background check, you are required to get your fingerprints taken by an NMLS live scan service provider. Fingerprints taken by a non-approved provider will not be accepted.

Step 6: Authorize a credit report

You need to submit a credit report request via your NMLS account. If this is your first time requesting this report, you will need to complete the identity verification process, where you will be asked about your credit history.

Step 7: Pay all necessary fees

  • $195 Florida application fee
  • $30 NMLS processing fee
  • $36.25 federal criminal background check
  • $24 state criminal background check
  • $15 credit report fee

Step 8: Get hired

To become fully licensed in Florida, you must be sponsored by a state-licensed employer. You must grant your company access through your NMLS account. Instructions can be found here.