Texas Real Estate Continuing Education

Complete your continuing education to renew your Texas real estate license today. All of our courses can be completed At Your Pace online in order to help you maintain your license. Once you finish your class you will have an official certificate of completion available and we will report your course completion to TREC for you automatically.

We are approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC Provider ID 10047).

CE Requirements to Renew a TX Real Estate License

  • Most Texas Real Estate Agents and Brokers are required to take 18 hours of Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) during their 2 year license term.
  • CE is due before a license can be renewed. Each license types have different CE requirements, listed below.
  • Agents need 8 hours of Legal Updates and 10 hours of electives.
  • Brokers need 8 hours of legal updates, 6 hours of Broker responsibility, and 4 hours of electives.

Texas 9 Hour Electives Course

9 Hour Course $ 30.00

This 9-hour course is approved by the state of Texas to satisfy half of the CE requirements for current licensees.

The course will cover a number of topics relating to the practice of real estate, including legal descriptions, encumbrances, titles and recordation, assessment and taxation, valuation, sources of financing, and more.

Texas 6 Hour Broker Responsibility

6 Hour Course $ 30.00

AYPO?s 6-hour broker responsibility course will satisfy one third of the 18 hour CE requirement for licensees. The course will address topics helpful for brokers with the responsibility of running a real estate office. These topics include the duties of an agent, handling trust funds properly, property management issues, advertising regulations, recordkeeping requirements, and more.

Texas 7 Hour Elective: Running a Brokerage

7 Hour Course $ 25.00

This 7-hour course will knock out part of the CE requirements for licensees practicing real estate in Texas, and is perfect for ambitious licensees looking to manage a brokerage in the future.

Topics we?ll cover in this course include the supervision and management of a real estate office, and the employees that an office requires. We?ll also talk about the development of an office manual and policies, appropriate advertising, and how to keep financial records.

Texas 3 Hour Agent Safety Course

3 Hour Course $ 12.00

This 3-hour course is approved by Texas to meet part of your continuing education requirements. In this course, we?ll focus on the important topic of licensee safety. This includes how to identify threats and stay safe during showings, as well as liability considerations and how to keep yourself protected against liability.

Texas 1 Hour Fair Housing

1 Hour Course $ 7.00

This class will provide licensees with 1 hour of continuing education to apply to their Texas real estate license. Subjects covered include the history of unfair housing practices that led to fair housing legislation, as well as some of the most recent executive orders regarding fair housing.