Texas 4 Hour 2022-2023 MCE Legal Updates Part 2

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After completion of part one, all  real estate license holders operating in Texas must round out their core continuing education with an additional four hour course on legal updates for a grand total of eight hours on legal updates to state and federal rules, laws, and best practices. This course will explore several areas of real estate practice that saw amendments to legal language, rules, and forms.

Chapter One discusses the licensee's duties and ethical obligations as an agent. It begins with an overview of the canons of properfission ethics and conduct, paying special attention to fidelity, integrity, and competency. It then moves on to discuss geographic competence, how a broker can operate as an intermediary, and how to deal with multiple offers. It concludes with a presentation of the best practices for seller’s disclosures and broker’s price opinions. 

Chapter Two discusses water and mineral rights in texas. It begins with a discussion on the three types of water sources, before moving onto the regulations for the different sources. It goes over important information on the seller's disclosure notice related to water. This chapter concludes with an overview of mineral rights. 

Chapter Three is all about property taxes and property valuation. It begins with a discussion on the increasing property taxes, and makes sure the licensee understands how ad valorem taxes work. It informs the licensee of the different avenues property owners have to protect their property taxes and the exemptions available to them. This chapter concludes with a case study. 

Forms and articles referenced throughout the course are reproduced at the end in the Appendices. Licensees should read them thoroughly. After each chapter, students will be asked a single review question about the material. Then at the conclusion of the course there will be a final exam. 

Please note that the information provided in this course is largely assembled by TREC and Texas A&M University’s Real Estate Center with minimal adaptation by AYPO.

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Instructor Bio

Phyllis Goodrich real estate instructor

Phyllis has been a certified real estate teacher since 1999. Her accomplishments in the field of Real Estate education are numerous and include things such as the CREI Designation from the Texas Real Estate Teachers Association, a CDEI designation from the International Distance Education Certification Center, and the At Home with Diversity Instructor Certification through the National Association of Realtors. In addition to her own courses Phyllis reviews Qualifying classes for publishers, reviews MCE classwork for publishers, and is the author of the pre-license classes for salesman and brokers in Texas.

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