Texas 6 Hour Broker Responsibility


6 Hour Course

Course ID: 31450

Approved By: Texas Real Estate Commission

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This 6-hour course is perfect for licensee interested in taking their skills to the next level and learning about the responsibilities of a supervising broker.

The course will begin with a discussion of the scope of responsibility that brokers face, including with regard to agency and the fiduciary responsibilities of an agent.

Next, we’ll move on to some technical topics as we discuss the handling of trust funds and property management responsibilities. We’ll also cover the regulations that apply to advertising, and how to ensure that your marketing efforts are in compliance with the rules.

We’ll also go over the requirements for recordkeeping, the need for written policies for a brokerage, and how to handle complaints. The course will finish with a 24-question quiz to test student retention.

    • TREC - Broker Responsibility [1 Activities]
      • Chapter 1: Introduction
    • Scenario 1 (3 questions)
    • TREC - Broker Responsibility - Part 2 [2 Activities]
      • Chapter 2: Scope of Activities and Authorization
      • Chapter 3: Fiduciary Responsibility/Agency
    • Scenario 2 (3 questions)
    • TREC - Broker Responsibility - Part 3 [4 Activities]
      • Chapter 4: Trust Funds
      • Chapter 5: Property Management
      • Chapter 6: Delegated Licensed Supervisor
      • Chapter 7: Advertising/Assumed Names
    • Scenario 3 (3 questions)
    • TREC - Broker Responsibility - Part 4 [3 Activities]
      • Chapter 10: Additional Broker Duties
      • Chapter 8: Record Keeping
      • Chapter 9: Written Policies
    • Scenario 4 (3 questions)
    • TREC - Broker Responsibility - Part 5 [2 Activities]
      • Chapter 11: Business Entity Requirements
      • Chapter 12: Complaints
    • Final Test (24 questions)
  • Course Completion
    • Mandatory Questionnaire
    • TREC Reporting Form
    • Certificate of Completion

Instructor Bio

Phyllis Goodrich real estate instructor
Phyllis has been a certified real estate teacher since 1999. Her accomplishments in the field of Real Estate education are numerous and include things such as the CREI Designation from the Texas Real Estate Teachers Association, a CDEI designation from the International Distance Education Certification Center, and the At Home with Diversity Instructor Certification through the National Association of Realtors.

In addition to her own courses Phyllis reviews Qualifying classes for publishers, reviews MCE classwork for publishers, and is the author of the pre-license classes for salesman and brokers in Texas.