Step 1: Register with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry (NMLS)

  1. Visit the NMLS Resource Center
  2. Click on the "Log in to NMLS" button
  3. Click on "Request an Account"
  4. Choose "Individual" option
  5. Enter all required information and ensure it is correct
  6. Click "Finish"

Step 2: Complete NMLS-approved pre-license education (PE)

Texas has two types of MLO licenses: TX-SML and TX-OCCC

To get your TX-SML license, you must complete a total of 23 hours of PE, including 3 hours of Texas-specific education. Our Texas-SML MLO Pre-License Package fulfills all pre-license requirements.

To get your TX-OCCC license, you need to complete at least 20 hours of PE. Texas-specific content is not required. Taking our 20-Hour National MLO Pre-License Course will fulfill this requirement.

Step 3: Pass the SAFE MLO Test

You need to schedule an appointment to take the exam using your NMLS account. The cost of this exam is $110.

Step 4: Apply for your Texas MLO license

After passing the SAFE exam, submit your license application through the NMLS website. In this step, you must complete the Individual Form (MU4).

Step 5: Complete a criminal background check

You need to authorize an FBI background check via your NMLS account. Then, you must schedule a fingerprinting appointment, unless NMLS has your fingerprints currently on file.

Step 6: Authorize a credit report

You need to submit a credit report request via your NMLS account. If this is your first time requesting this report, you will need to complete the identity verification process, where you will be asked about your credit history.

Step 7: Pay all necessary fees

TX-SML license fees:

  • $30 NMLS initial processing fee
  • $70 Texas license/registration fee
  • $15 credit report fee
  • $36.25 FBI Criminal Background Check

TX-OCCC license fees:

  • $30 NMLS initial processing fee
  • $225 TX-OCCC license/registration fee
  • $15 credit report fee
  • $36.25 FBI Criminal Background Check

Note: All fees collected through the NMLS are not refundable.

Step 8: Get hired

To become fully licensed in Texas, you must be sponsored by a state-licensed employer. Your employer must submit the sponsorship request. Until you are sponsored, your license may be issued as "Approved-Inactive." Under this status, you cannot conduct business as an MLO.

You must first grant your company access through your NMLS account. Once this is done, your employer can submit the sponsorship request. Learn how to give your company access here.