Texas-SML MLO Pre-License Package

20-Hour National MLO Pre-License Course

This 20-hour comprehensive course on mortgage loan origination practice fulfills the national core and elective requirement for pre-license education. Prospective mortgage loan originators must take national and state-specific credit hours before applying for their license.

Important note: The 20-hour national course is instructor-led and includes assessments that must be graded before a student can continue. Students must complete the course within 14 days after starting.

This course is composed of:

  • 5 hours on Federal Mortgage-Related Laws
  • 5 hours on Loan Origination Activities
  • 4 hours on Traditional and Non-Traditional Mortgage Products
  • 3 hours on Ethics
  • 3 hours on Uniform State Content

The course begins with a thorough exploration of laws, rules, and regulations governing mortgage loan activity, the authorities that enforce and oversee the practice, and a comparison of the SAFE Mortgage Licensing Act and NMLS' Model Act.

Then, we discuss qualifying activities as an MLO that require licensure and the differences between various loan professionals in the industry.

The third module details the types of mortgage loan products available to borrowers. Courses outline qualification requirements, laws governing fair lending practices, and key concerns to know about.

The fourth module includes an overview of prohibited practices, industry standards, ethical theories, and how to incorporate ethics into one's practice.

Finally, we explain universal details about how each state is recommended or required to handle licensing, oversight, and enforcement of MLOs practicing in their borders.

To promote comprehension, students complete a 10-question quiz and a short activity after each module. A 50-question final exam will wrap up the course. Practice tests are available as extra preparation for the licensure test.

Course ID: 13849

Approved by: NMLS — Nationwide Multistate Licensing System

3-Hour TX-SML SAFE Course

The three hours of instruction in this course are meant to provide the required amount of state-based education to people seeking a mortgage loan originator license in Texas. You must take 23 hours of pre-license education before applying for a Texas-SML MLO license, including 3 hours of state-specific content. These required hours cover various topics such as federal law, loan applications, and ethics.

This course begins with a module that is mainly concerned with licensing requirements, including how a license is acquired and maintained and who does not need to be licensed. This module also examines advertising regulations and the documents that mortgage professionals must file with the state.

The other module in this course begins by describing the practices that are prohibited in Texas. From there, the module will talk about unlicensed activities before shifting to a discussion of enforcement of the law and disciplinary actions. Then, the module will briefly examine the recovery fund and its connection to MLOs. After that, the module will cover recordkeeping requirements and disclosures. The module and the course wrap up with a look at mortgage products and foreclosure procedures.

Each module will end with a 5-question quiz and a short activity that is designed to promote the comprehension and retention of the material. Additionally, the entire course will conclude with a 25-question final exam.

Course ID: 14123

Approved by: NMLS — Nationwide Multistate Licensing System

National MLO Exam Prep

After completing the pre-license education required to take the licensing exam, students may benefit from taking practice exams. This package of practice tests helps prospective mortgage loan originators study and know generally what to expect for the licensing exam. In accordance with the SAFE MLO licensure exam outline provided by Prometric and NMLS, each of the following major topics is asked about in the following quantities:

  • Federal Mortgage-Related Laws (24%)
  • Mortgage Loan Origination Activities (27%)
  • General Knowledge (20%)
  • Ethics (18%)
  • Uniform State Content (11%)

Each practice test will ask 120 questions and may be taken multiple times.

Texas-SML MLO Pre-License & Exam Prep Package

Mortgage loan originator (MLO) students looking for a simple solution to their pre-licensing requirements should consider the Texas-SML MLO Pre-License & Exam Prep Package. This cost-saving bundle provides everything you need to become a licensed MLO in Texas, including:

  • The complete 20-Hour National MLO Pre-License Course
  • The 3-Hour Texas-SML SAFE Course
  • The National MLO Exam Prep study tool