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Why Should Tax Breaks Be for Poor OR Middle Class?

by Brian Murphy on 2017-12-08 9:21am

With the GOP tax cut proposals being bashed, ballyhooed, and bandied about Washington DC...

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Using Drones in Real Estate

by Brian Murphy on 2017-12-06 3:50pm

Drone Your Own Home   While the debate rages on regarding the use of drones — also known as unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or unmanned aircraft vehicle (UAV) — for military and intelligence purposes, some far less controversial uses have emerged in the real estate industry With the new regulations implemented August 29, 2016, it is easier than ever to use a drone to video-record or photograph your listings...

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HUD's new Guidelines for Real Estate Licensees and LEP Clients

by Karla Allen on 2017-12-06 3:32pm

[image: globeslcccom] HUD’s new Guidelines for Real Estate Licensees and Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Clients   By Karla Allen, At Your Pace Online December 28, 2016   With immigration and a person’s immigration status front and center for many in the United States in 2017, what does that mean for a real estate licensee when a prospective client enters the office and says in their own language that they don’t speak English, such as No hablo ingles (Spanish), Hindi ako nagsasalita ng ingles (Tagalog), or Tôi không nói được tiếng Anh (Vietnamese)?   To answer that, we’ll take a quick look through a Fair Housing lens at that question by breaking down the much anticipated September 2016  U...

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