Florida Real Estate Continuing Education

We are an approved CE provider by the Florida Department of Business Regulation Division of Real Estate (School ID: ZH1002485).

We offer all the continuing education you need to renew your Florida real estate license online today!  Our 14 hour complete CE package includes the newly required 3 hours approved on Ethics as well as the 3 required hours of Florida law.  Take our class with confidence knowing you are getting the best priced and most convenient online CE class available.  Once you finish your class you will have an official certificate of completion available and we will report your course completion to the commission for you.

CE Requirements to Renew a FL Real Estate License

  • Licenses expire either March 31st or September 30th every other year.
  • Most licensees are required to take 14 hours of Continuing Education every 2 years.
    • If you are renewing before 9/30/2018, 3 hours are required to be on Florida Core Law topics.
    • If you are renewing after 9/30/2018, the 14 hours must have 3 hours of Florida Core Law topics and 3 hours of Ethics

Florida 14 Hour Complete (Ethics and Elective) Continuing Education Course

14 Hour Course $ 19.00

This 14 hour package is approved with the Florida Division of Real Estate, and will provide you with all the CE you need to renew your license.  This class includes the required 3 hours on Core Law topics as well as the newly required 3 hours of approved Ethics topics.  

FL Division of Real Estate Course #: 0015710 & 0020765

Florida 3 Hr NAR Code of Ethics for Real Estate Professionals

3 Hour Course $ 9.00

This course is intended to provide REALTORS with a detailed education on the National Association of REALTORS Code of Ethics. This course will examine both the Articles of the Code and disciplinary and dispute resolution processes related to the Code. The intention of this course is to allow REALTORS to understand the important elements of the Code of Ethics and how those elements affect REALTORS.

Course ID: 0020765

Florida 3 Hour Real Estate Law Update Course

3 Hour Course $ 9.00

This course will cover important law updates affecting Florida real estate licensees that have occurred over the past two years, including:   

  • Recent changes to Chapter 475 of the Florida Statutes and other state laws;

  • Changes to federal law that will impact the way you work, including modifications to FIRPTA;

  • Interesting court cases in Florida that have set some surprising new precedents; and,

  • Administrative guidance, where we gain insight into how government agencies enforce laws by examining the written statements they've released to clarify aspects of those laws.

FL Division of Real Estate Course #: 0019071

Florida 14 Hour Complete Real Estate Package with NAR Ethics

14 Hour Course $ 19.00

The Florida 14-Hour Complete Real Estate Package with NAR Ethics provides a balanced background of information critical to real estate professionals keeping their license active through continuing education. In this course, we'll look at a variety of topics including legal descriptions, land use controls, and valuation just to get started. From there, we'll take a look into a number of financial aspects of the real estate industry such as real estate investment, property management, agency, and foreclosure. Then, we complete our package with an update to Florida real estate law and a review of the NAR Code of Ethics.

Florida 8 Hour Property Management Package

8 Hour Course $ 15.00

This 8 hour package of educational content is designed to provide real estate professionals with an overview of important topics and concepts related to the ownership and management of real property. This package covers topics such as basic property law, legal descriptions of property, land use controls, valuation of property, taxation of property, investment in real estate, property management, and the foreclosure process.

Florida 6 Hour Real Estate Financing Package

6 Hour Course $ 12.00

This 6-hour course is designed to provide real estate professionals with an overview of important topics and concepts related to the financing of real estate transactions. This course package will cover financing topics, such as relevant lending laws, sources of funds, loans, government loan programs, and documents used in the financing of real estate transactions.

Florida State Approval Letters


Application: 30381

File: 12669

 Division of Professions

Bureau of Education and Testing

Continuing Education Unit

2601 Blair Stone Road Tallahassee, FL 32399

Phone: 850.921.8582 Fax: 850.922.2316

July 12, 2017








Hours: 14

Course Number: 0015710

Course Type: Continuing Education 

Course Details

Dear TIMOTHY BELL, Provider 0006373

The effective approval date for this course is 6/3/2015. Unless subsequently renewed, Commission approval for the course will expire 9/30/2019.

After a licensee's successful completion of a Post Licensure or Continuing Education course, an attendance file must be electronically submnitted to the department no later than 30 calendar days thereafteer or prior to the licensee's renewal date, whichever occurs sooner. This course can not be offered for partial credit.

All Florida real estate licensees earning real estate education credit must be provided with a Notice of Satisfactory Course Completion, as specificied by Rule 61J2-3.015 Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.). Based on the type of course approval listed above when this course is offered for real estate credit, courses must conform to Rule 61J2-3.008 (F.A.C.), 61J2-3.009 (F.A.C) or 61J2-3.020 (F.A.C.). 

Continued CE course approval is subject to the course content and standards being maintained in accordance with the mayerils submitted for evaluation. Course materials should be modified to conform to changes in policies, practices, rules, and statuets. You should submit significant modifications to course material to the department at least 60 days prior to those changes being incorporated into the course. The department must approve such modifications before they may be incorporated into the course materials.

The Florida Real Estate Commission appreciates your support in maintaining quality education for real estate licensees. Forms requesting course and instructor evaluations can be obtained from our web site: www.myfloridalicense.com


Rhonda Hall

Regulatory Specialist II

Bureau of Education and Testing