Missouri Real Estate Continuing Education

Complete your continuing education to renew your Missouri real estate license today. All of our courses can be completed At Your Pace online in order to help you maintain your license. Once you finish your class you will have an official certificate of completion available and we will report your course completion to the commission for you automatically.

We are approved by the Missouri Real Estate Commission as an online CE provider (MREC School # 28400).

CE Requirements to Renew a MO Real Estate License

  • Brokers Licenses expire on June 30th of even numbered years.
  • Salespersons Licenses expire on September 30th of even numbered years.
  • Most licensees are required to take 12 hours of Continuing Education.
  • Out of those 12 hours, 3 hours must be on Core Topics and 9 hours can be on Elective Topics.

Missouri 12 Hour Complete CE Package

12 Hour Course $ 85.00

This online 12 Hour Package is specifically designed for Real Estate Licensees in Missouri. It will meet ALL of your continuing education requirements. This course includes the Missouri 3 Hour Core: Fair Housing in Sales and Leasing, as well as the Missouri 9 Hour Elective; Making the Sale.

Missouri/Kansas 12 Hour Broker Package

12 Hour Course $ 85.00

The Missouri-Kansas Broker Package provides the student with 12 hours of the continuing education information and subject materials applicable to a broker's real estate license renewal. The course covers topics including listing agreements, real estate valuation, financial management, private and public financing, office policies and procedures, brokerage supervision and management, and handling escrow accounts, among many others.

Missouri 9 Hour Elective: Making the Sale

9 Hour Course $ 70.00

This 9 Hour course is approved by the Missouri Real Estate Commission as 9 hours of Elective credit. It will meet all your Elective hour requirements. This course will help licensees identify the best listings to serve their clients? needs, effectively evaluate a property, explain to customers the difference between appraisals and CMAs, create advertisements which comply with advertising laws,and  design a robust and comprehensive advertising plan. It will also teach licensees how to explain to clients the different types of loans, help the client determine the loan that will best serve their needs, and help their client to understand government back loans and determine if they qualify. Lastly in this course licensees will learn how to draft sales agreements which will protect their clients, understand the requirements for the new integrated mortgage disclosures, and explain the information found on the integrated mortgage disclosures to clients.

MO & KS 3 Hour Required Broker Core: Broker Supervision and Escrow Account Management

3 Hour Course $ 35.00

This dual-license course provides those who are licensed in both Missouri and Kansas with the 3 hour core continuing education subject matter necessary to renew both licenses. It covers topics dealing with financial reports, brokerage policies and procedures and Broker Supervision and Escrow Account Management. 

Missouri 3 Hour Core: Fair Housing in Sales and Leasing

3 Hour Course $ 25.00

The Missouri Real Estate Commission approves this 3 hour course for Core credit. It will meet all your Core hour requirements and covers Fair Housing and the related laws, communicating Fair Housing rights and responsibilities to clients and licensees, the history of Fair Housing and how it has impacted real estate, understanding the legal processes involved in investigating and resolving fair housing claims, and enforcing compliance with Fair Housing and related laws among employees.

Missouri State Approval Letters

Dear Mr. Modica:


I am pleased to write with formal approval of the renewal of the following continuing education courses.

Effective October 1, 2018, you may begin re-offering the courses listed below through September 30, 2020.


Course ID:                        Course Title / Credits:                                                              

2840015044     Missouri Core: Fair Housing in Sales and Leasing / 3 Core 

2840015051     Missouri Elective: Making the Sale / 9 Elective

2840018028     MO & KS 3 Hour Core: Broker Supervision / 3 Core



Ms. Terry Murphy

Education Specialist

Missouri Real Estate Commission