Florida MLO Continuing Education

We have been approved by the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) to offer you all the hours you need to renew your MLO license in one easy to use package that can be completed At Your Pace Online. Once you complete your course we will report your completion to the NMLS for you automatically.

Licensed in multiple states? Feel free to enroll into any MLO CE course to start and contact us to set up a custom education plan for the remaining states where you are licensed.

CE Requirements to Renew a FL Mortgage Loan Originator License

In the state of Florida MLO license holders must obtain 8 total hours that consist of:

  • 3 Hours of Federal Law Updates
  • 2 Hours of Ethics, Fraud, Consumer Protection, & Fair Lending
  • 2 Hours of Non-Traditional Mortgage Products
  • 1 Hour of FL Law

MLO licensees who did not complete their education before December 31st are required to take Late CE. Licensees must take late CE for each year they have missed.

The 'Reinstatement Period' runs from January 1st until February 28th. During this period the NMLS will be accepting Late CE classes and AYPO will only be selling late CE classes. If you need to take regular CE classes for your 2019 CE requirements during this period please contact our customer service department and we will be happy to help you.


8 Hour Florida SAFE Comprehensive MLO Continuing Education Course

8 Hour Course $ 71.00

This 8 hour continuing education course will satisfy all the continuing education requirements to renew a Mortgage Loan Originator license in the state of Florida, including the 1 hour Florida SAFE State Law Course. The course content covers a wide selection of subjects directly relating to the mortgage loan originator. It includes subjects such as:

  • The history of mortgages in America through the real estate crisis of the 2000s and into today;

  • The need by consumers for ethical mortgage loan originators and their importance

  • Common varieties of mortgages and their applicability in certain situations

  • Types of mortgage fraud and how to safeguard consumers and keep yourself out of trouble

  • Portions of state regulations specific to the state of Florida

  • Plus other important topics

Course ID: 10015

Late CE: National Requirements (7904)

8 Hour Course $ 45.00

This is the 2018 Late CE course. This is only for licensees who failed to complete the CE required for their 2018 renewal during the 2018 calendar year.

Licensees who hold a Mortgage Loan Originator license are required to obtain continuing education in order to renew that license. This course covers the National Requirements which consist of:

  • 3 Hours of Federal Law Updates
  • 2 Hours of Ethics, Fraud, Consumer Protection, & Fair Lending
  • 2 Hours of Non-Traditional Mortgage Products


This course does not cover the state specific content. You will need to purchase a second class in order to fulfill that requirement.

Late CE 1 Hour Florida SAFE State Law Course (10080)

1 Hour Course $ 30.00

This 1 hour stand-alone late continuing education course is intended for Florida licensed Mortgage Loan Originators who have previously received their federally required 7 hour class. It will cover regulations pertinent to Florida mortgage loan origination, the Mortgage Guaranty Trust Fund, and recent legal changes and court cases.