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Michigan Salesperson Pre-license

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This online course is Michigan approved to meet the 40 hour pre-license education requirements.

Additionally this class will completely prepare you to take the state licensing exam with confidence and pass it with ease.

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How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Michigan

Prospective real estate agents are only required to be 18 years of age or older and have a good sense of right and wrong. Do you have a strong moral center and common sense? If so, you'll do fine. You may also need to provide proof of U.S. citizenship as well. Have your social security card handy, or a legally recognized alternative. Non-residents can file an Irrevocable Consent to Service of Process.


Create an account with the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) to access the online version of the New Salesperson License Application. The site will ask you to verify your citizenship by entering your last name, social security number, and birth date. Next, is a registration form to fill out with your general information. Once you have a username and password set, login whenever you want to review the requirements, find links, or check your status. When you're ready to apply for your license, you'll return here and login.


Salespersons must complete 40 hours of approved education on real estate topics. At least four of those hours should be devoted to civil rights law and fair housing laws, the staple for any real estate professional. For perspective, a real estate broker has to complete 90 hours for licensure. This will prepare you for operating within state and federal standards. It will also serve as study for the licensure exam. Luckily, the full training can be completed online and at your own pace.


Gather all the paperwork you need together and send it to LARA via the online portal. There is a processing fee of $88 due at the time of submission. What you'll need to know:
  1. Prior conviction record
  2. Current residence
  3. Certificate of Completion (from an approved pre-licensure program)
  4. Credit card
If you have a felony conviction, out-of-state address, or already have a sponsoring broker, you may need to fill out an additional form that they will prompt you about.


LARA will notify you of its authorization for you to try the licensing exam. You will receive an email confirmation with instructions of where to go to take the test. PSI Services, LLC administers this test to approved applicants. Be prepared to pay a $79 fee to take it. Once you have passed what is arguably the most difficult portion of this process, you will be issued a license. Photo licenses can be ordered from the PSI exam site.


After successfully earning your license, your next step is to get hired. An employing broker will be responsible for your on-the-job training, ethical decision-making, and overall decorum. Being sponsored demonstrates to clients you have someone overseeing your real estate activities; it increases your chances of getting leads while you're starting out. You can apply with a sponsored broker or another accredited organization with active employment capabilities before or after your exam. The grade you receive is valid for 1 year, that's how long you have to find a broker to sponsor you. Once you do, remember to update LARA.


Use social media to your advantage and hand out business cards to customers. Nowadays, almost everyone looking for housing services searches online at some point in their process. Social media pages are great ways to reach a broad audience. Online users prefer to read reviews and see walk-throughs without ever having to leave the comfort of their current home. Aim to create a social media profile that is enlightening about what you do and engaging with customers. Take the time to get it right. Ask fellow coworkers for help, or explore other licensed sites for ideas. Make sure the ads and info you post are true and authorized by the property owner and listing broker. Always display your affiliated broker or firm's name somewhere prominently on the site, along with the state you're licensed in, and your contact details.

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