Nevada MLO Continuing Education

We have been approved by the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) to offer you all the hours you need to renew your MLO license in one easy to use package that can be completed At Your Pace Online. Once you complete your course we will report your completion to the NMLS for you automatically. You can find At Your Pace Online on the NMLS approved provider list as 1 Above Ed, LLC (ID#: 1405040).

Licensed in multiple states? Feel free to enroll into any MLO CE course to start and contact us to set up a custom education plan for the remaining states where you are licensed.


Late CE: 8 Hour SAFE Core and Nevada Law 2023 MLO Package for Qualified Employees (15105 & 15139)

clock hour icon 8h course

This course is designed to address your 2023 Late CE needs.

This course fulfills continuing education requirements for mortgage loan originators in Nevada.

Topics of interest in the state-specific portion include important information for Qualified Employees, MLOs, residential loan, and mortgage material, Nevada regulations, examinations, audits, financial records, and statements, trusts, escrow and impound accounts, deeds of trust, laws on child support, Nevada Covered Service Providers, and complaints, investigations, and violation issues.

The seven-hour core series includes three modules, covering topics including: 

  • Federal Legislative Acts 
  • Federal Mortgage Law Updates
  • Ethics, Fraud, and Consumer Protection
  • And More

Late CE: 8 Hour SAFE Comprehensive 2023 MLO Course Nevada (15120)

clock hour icon 8h course

This course is designed to address your 2023 Late CE needs.

Mortgage loan originators in Nevada can complete this eight-hour course to satisfy their annual continuing education requirements.

Topics covered include: 

  • Federal Mortgage Law Updates
  • Non-Traditional Mortgage Lending
  • Ethics, Fraud, Fair Lending, and Consumer Protection
  • The U.S. Mortgage Market and the Federal Reserve System 

Late CE: 1 Hour NV SAFE 2023 State Law Course for QE CE (15139)

clock hour icon 1h course

This course is designed to address your 2023 Late CE needs.

This 2 hour course explores the laws and regulations that govern mortgage loan originators in Oregon. This class will talk about a number of topics including the SAFE Act, the licensing of MLOs, prohibited acts, the authority of the DCBS Director to enforce regulations, handling client funds, keeping proper records, and the purpose and use of reverse mortgages, surety bonds, and trust accounts.

How To Renew A Nevada NMLS License

MLO Continuing Education Requirements for Nevada 

No matter which state issued your MLO license, you're subject to specific mortgage education requirements because of the Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act of 2008 (SAFE Act). This legislation requires that all state-licensed MLOs take 7 hours of approved NMLS CE, in addition to Nevada specific course requirements.

You can't take just any NMLS course to reach those 8 hours, either. Your Nevada NMLS training needs to cover specific topics and you need to take your mortgage education with an NMLS-approved provider. 

For Annual CE, Nevada NMLS licensed MLOs are required to complete:

  • 3 hours on relevant federal regulations and law
  • 2 hours of ethics training (including training on consumer protection, fair lending issues, and fraud)
  • 2 hours on lending standards for nontraditional mortgage products
  • 1 hour elective on mortgage origination
  • Qualified Employee (QE) for each office is required to take 1 hour of Nevada Law in lieu of the elective

While the NMLS oversees the general CE requirements and helps with recordkeeping of your completed hours, it's important to know any Nevada specific requirements that may apply to you. 


How Do I Know If I'm Required To Take My CE This Year Or Not?

Generally, if you obtained your license after 2009 but before this year, the above NMLS CE requirements apply to you. If you obtained your license this year (and assuming you completed the required pre-license education), you don't need to complete any additional mortgage education this year. 


Successive Year Rule

Per the SAFE Act, you cannot take the same NMLS course for two years in a row. To avoid this possible overlap, AYPORealEstate creates brand new NMLS-approved CE courses every single year to comply with this rule.


NMLS Late CE Courses - Making Up Your Continuing Education

Late CE is required during the annual reinstatement period:

  • If you missed the deadline to renew your MLO license this year, and you need to make up the 8 hours of approved Late CE 
  • If you have an MLO license that's been expired for a while, and you need to meet the NMLS continuing education requirements for the last year during which your license was active

To summarize, if you miss the deadline or you are returning to the industry, you will need 7 hours of NMLS course work, plus a 1-hour elective on mortgage origination (QE's need 1 hour of Nevada Law in lieu of elective) - all as 'Late CE' - to renew your MLO license. 

These hours need to come from a specifically designated NMLS 'Late CE' course. The NMLS maintains a catalog of approved courses so you can find the Late CE class you need. 

AYPORealEstate is an approved Late CE provider and can help you get your Late Continuing Education done, on time.


NV Mortgage Loan Originator CE Deadline

The deadline to complete CE is December 31st. 

Take note: MLOs in Nevada are prevented from applying to renew their license if they have not completed CE. Since it may take as long as seven (7) days for a course provider to report a course completion into NMLS, MLOs are strongly encouraged not to wait until the last minute to try to complete CE or they may be prevented from submitting for renewal on time.

  • At-Risk-to-Miss Renewal Deadline: If you complete your class by December 18th or later, you are at risk to miss your NV Mortgage CE deadline.
  • Guaranteed to Miss Renewal Deadline: If you complete your class by December 31st or later you are guaranteed to miss your NV Mortgage CE deadline. 

Stay on top of the NMLS continuing education requirements so CE hours never stand between you & your renewal. Contact us or enroll today to beat the deadline!