Delaware Real Estate Continuing Education

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Delaware Real Estate License Renewal Dates and Continuing Education Requirements

Delaware real estate licenses must be renewed every even-numbered year. To renew a license, you must fulfill the Delaware real estate continuing education requirements by April 30 of each renewal year.


Licensees who are renewing for a second or subsequent time must complete 21 hours of continuing education (CE) courses.


First Time Renewals for Salespersons, Brokers, and Associate Brokers:

Brokers, associate brokers, and salespersons who are renewing a license for the first time must complete a prorated number of continuing education (CE) hours. The number of hours required is based on how many months prior to the renewal date the license was issued:


Broker, Associate Broker, Salesperson License
IF you are issued the license... THEN you must complete...
On or after 5/1 even years but before 11/1 even years 18 hours
On or after 11/1 even years but before 5/1 odd years 12 hours
On or after 5/1 odd years but before 11/1 odd years 6 hours
On or after 11/1 odd years but before 1/1 even years 0 hours
On or after 1/1 even years but before 5/1 even years 21 hours


This schedule does not apply to brokers or associate brokers changing from one license type to the other.


In addition, if you are a new salesperson who was not previously licensed in another jurisdiction, you must complete the four Newly Licensed Salesperson modules within the first year of licensure. Each module consists of a 3-hour course. The 12 credit hours earned from these modules may be counted towards your total continuing education requirement. 


The remaining hours of your requirement must be distributed as follows:

  • If you are required to complete 6 or 12 hours, the Newly Licensed Salesperson modules will fulfill your total CE requirement.
  • If you are required to complete 18 hours, you must select two courses from core modules 1, 5, or 6 to fulfill the rest of your requirement.
  • If you are required to complete 21 hours, you must take core modules 1, 5, and 6 to fulfill the rest of your requirement.


CE Hours Required by Delaware for Subsequent Renewals: 

After your first renewal, you are required to complete 21 hours of CE credits for each subsequent renewal term. To fulfill this requirement, you must select 3 hours from each of the following modules:

  • Core Module 1: Agency and Fair Housing
  • Core Module 2: Professional Standards
  • Core Module 3: Real Estate Documents
  • Core Module 4: Office Management
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