Arkansas 2019 Complete CE Package


7 Hour Course

Course ID: CE­-20-­3-­888AR, CEDE-19-1-692S, CEDE-­20-­3­-889

Approved By: State of Arkansas Real Estate Commission

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This 7 hour continuing education package for real estate practitioners in Arkansas will satisfy the requirement for license renewal in 2019. The Arkansas Real Estate Commission and Association of Real Estate License Law Officials dictate licensees be updated and refreshed on certain vulnerable and morphing areas of the real estate industry. 

This package includes:

  • 2019 Required Advertising Review Course
  • Arkansas 1 Hour Required Safety CE
  • Arkansas 2019 Best Practices in Real Estate Cooperative Brokerages

Our course will begin with an exploration of advertising basics and how to develop an internal policy on advertising, followed by a 10 question exam. Next are examinations of various creative advertisements and case studies, as well as some tips for creating your own ads. Another 10 question exam will commence to test comprehension. 

Section three of the 3 hour advertising review course will focus on online advertising and how to avoid common pitfalls. A 10 question exam will conclude the core requirement. There is one activity to complete that expects the student to apply information learned so far. 

After the advertising review segment is the 1 hour course on safety, which will walk the licensee through general safety considerations both before and during a showing of property. There are two short quizzes in this course, each 5 questions long. 

For the elective credits, licensees will analyze the complexities of agency in cooperative transactions, then complete a 10 question quiz. The next two areas which brokerages with cooperating licensees must be aware of are:  compensation arrangements and parameters of multiple listing services. Quiz 2 will take about 5 minutes, then the final section will cover open house policies, the cooperative transaction process, and referral fees. 

  • 2019 Advertising Review
    • What Real Estate Professionals Need to Get Started [3 Activities]
      • 01. 2019 Required Advertising Review Course Introduction
      • 02. Advertising Necessities
      • 03. Internal Policy on Advertising
    • Advertising Quiz 1 (10 questions)
    • Traditional Media Advertising [4 Activities]
      • 01. Case Studies On Best Practices
      • 01. Creating A Video Ad
      • 02. Medium Matters
      • 04. Advertisement Faux Pas (False Steps)
    • Advertising Quiz 2 (10 questions)
    • Digital Advertising [4 Activities]
      • 01. Best Practices for Online Advertising
      • 01. Course Summary
      • 02. Social Media Options and Guidelines for Real Estate Agents
      • 03. Other Advertisement Issues
    • Online Advertising Activity (7 questions)
    • Advertising Quiz 3 (10 questions)
  • Safety
    • Safety [5 Activities]
      • 01. Introduction to Real Estate Safety: Showing Property (Video)
      • 02. General Safety Considerations
      • 03. Before the Showing
      • 04. Before the Showing - Part 2
      • 05. Before the Showing - Part 3
    • Safety Quiz 1 (5 questions)
    • Safety Part 2 [2 Activities]
      • 01. The Showing
      • 02. Conclusion of Real Estate Safety: Showing Property (Video)
    • Safety Quiz 2 (5 questions)
  • Best Practices in Cooperative Brokerages
    • Introduction and Agency [2 Activities]
      • 01. Introduction to Cooperative Brokerages
      • 02. Agency
    • Co-op Brokerage Quiz 1 (10 questions)
    • Compensation and the MLS [2 Activities]
      • 01. Compensation for Cooperating Brokers
      • 02. The MLS and Cooperative Brokerages
    • Co-op Brokerage Quiz 2 (10 questions)
    • Open Houses, the Cooperative Transaction, and Referral Fees [4 Activities]
      • 01. Course Conclusion
      • 01. Open House Policies
      • 02. The Cooperative Transaction Process
      • 03. Referral Fees
    • Co-op Brokerage Quiz 3 (10 questions)
  • Course Completion
    • Mandatory Questionnaire
    • Certificate of Completion - Core
    • Certificate of Completion - Safety
    • Certificate of Completion - Elective

Instructor Bio

Chad Kumpe real estate atyourpaceonline instructor
Chad started his Real Estate career as a Salesperson in 1970 and worked in residential sales for about 2 years. He then became Principal Broker and Property Manager in 1972. From there Chad's career has been everything Real Estate in Arkansas.

Chad acted as the Director of the Housing Authority of Fayetteville and redeveloped the downtown square and supervised the building of 50 public housing units. Having acted as a broker in some capacity (Sales Manager to Regional Director) for nearly 30 years for multiple brokerages across Arkansas Chad moved into also teaching new real estate professionals.

Now with over 45 years of experience in the Arkansas Real Estate market, Chad additionally acts as an instructor here at AYPO for Arkansas real estate professionals. Chad's wealth of knowledge and years of teaching experience have allowed us to teach some of the best courses offered in Arkansas!