Arkansas Salesperson Best Practices Core 2023

  • 3 Hour Course
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This 3-hour course provides the three hours of core course curriculum required for your license renewal. This year's core focuses on property condition and disclosures, contracts, agency, and advertising. 

In this renewal piece, we'll go into detail in areas including, but not limited to:

  • Discussing essential and non-essential property disclosures, including the proximity of sex offenders
  • Understanding options when clients decline to have inspections performed
  • Describing the basics of what a real estate licensee should and should not explain themselves in a contract and when and who to refer to when needed
  • Understanding how contracts terminate and how clients can get out of a contract
  • Explaining the use of land sales contracts, leases and options
  • Explain services that are or may be provided by licensees to their clients
  • Discuss AREC's rules pertaining to advertising
  • Explain the importance of a good internal brokerage policy on advertising
  • Discuss Best Practices in advertising as provided by the NAR and FTC

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  • Course ID(s): CEDE-24-3-1279RS
  • Approved By: State of Arkansas Real Estate Commission

Instructor Bio

Chad Kumpe real estate atyourpaceonline instructor

Chad Kumpe is the instructor for all of our Arkansas real estate CE courses. A 50-year veteran of the real estate industry, Chad has excelled in many roles during his varied career. See more details about Chad’s background here.

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24 Reviews