2022 Required Agency Course: Whose Agent Am I Anyway?

  • 3 Hour Course
  • 4.4 319 Reviews
  • $35.00

This 3-hour course provides the three hours of core course curriculum required for your license renewal. This year's core focuses on dual and buyer agency including the proper methods and timing for obtaining client consent for dual agency. In addition, we'll talk about the fiduciary duties owed to all parties and when they cannot be fully provided. 

And, we'll provide insights to:

  • Duties required of a buyer's agent
  • Disclosing material facts and dealing honestly with all parties
  • Differences between customer and client
  • Timing for all forms of agency representation disclosures
  • Determining when a fact is a "material fact; and 
  • Distinguishing a customer from a client

and a whole lot more. Plus, we wrap it up with an extensive, ungraded self-assessment exercise. Sign up today and get your license renewal under way!


  • Course ID(s): CEDE-23-3-1188RC
  • Approved By: State of Arkansas Real Estate Commission

Instructor Bio

Chad Kumpe real estate atyourpaceonline instructor

Chad started his Real Estate career as a Salesperson in 1970 and worked in residential sales for about 2 years. He then became Principal Broker and Property Manager in 1972. From there Chad's career has been everything Real Estate in Arkansas.

Chad acted as the Director of the Housing Authority of Fayetteville and redeveloped the downtown square and supervised the building of 50 public housing units. Having acted as a broker in some capacity (Sales Manager to Regional Director) for nearly 30 years for multiple brokerages across Arkansas Chad moved into also teaching new real estate professionals.

Now with over 45 years of experience in the Arkansas Real Estate market, Chad additionally acts as an instructor here at AYPO for Arkansas real estate professionals. Chad's wealth of knowledge and years of teaching experience have allowed us to teach some of the best courses offered in Arkansas!

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319 Reviews