This 1-hour course covers the state-specific regulations that govern Qualified Employees (QEs), residential mortgage loan originators, and others in the mortgage business in Nevada. Successful completion of this course satisfies the state-specific elective requirement for mortgage professionals toward the 8 hours of annual continuing education needed for license renewal. 

Required topics include important updates on the operation of mortgage companies and designation of QEs in Nevada, as well as: 

  • Regulation of Mortgage Loan Originators
  • Examinations and Audits
  • Records, Financial Statements and Reports
  • Net Worth Requirements
  • Surety Bond Requirements
  • Escrow and Trust Accounts
  • Disclosures and Advertising
  • Conditions and Limitations of Certain Mortgage Transactions
  • Residential Mortgage Loans
  • Enforcement
  • Investigation of Violations and Unsafe Practices; Remedial Action
  • Disciplinary and Other Actions
  • Prohibited Acts; Penalties 

We’ll begin the first module with a look at state regulation and the Division of Mortgage Lending, followed by important definitions of the various Nevada mortgage industry professionals. Next, we explore regulations that affect mortgage companies, QEs, and MLOs, such as fiduciary duties; requirements for branch offices; net worth; examination and audit laws and rules; and statutes that govern the filing and maintenance of records, financial statements, and reports.  

In the second module, the course examines the latest information regarding other statutory requirements such as disclosure and advertising, laws relating to compliance and enforcement, as well as Division updates/announcements. The concluding sections address provisions that include the payment of child support and how noncompliance with child support obligations can impede a licensee’s authority.  

To promote comprehension, students will complete a 5-question quiz and short activity after each module. A 15-question final exam will wrap up the course. 

  • Course ID(s): 16238
  • Approved By: NMLS

Instructor Bio

Mary Tillery real estate atyourpaceonline instructor

Mary Tillery is the instructor for all of our MLO continuing education courses. She has been sharing her expertise with fellow mortgage loan originators for more than 35 years as a lending educator. Learn more about Mary’s background here.