Late CE: 8 Hour SAFE Core and South Carolina-BFI Law 2020 MLO Package (12074 & 12059)

  • 8 Hour Course
  • $70.00

This course is designed to address your 2020 Late CE needs.

This 8 hour package, for mortgage loan originators in South Carolina licensed with the Board of Financial Institutions, is designed to provide all of the mandatory education needed to renew your MLO license.This course is broken down into 5 modules. Each module contains:

  • A section of training
  • An activity in which students will read a short scenario and then answer questions about the scenario
  • A quiz that consists of a five questions

The first module of the course is about sweeping laws and rules that apply to mortgage loans and mortgage loan originators across the country. A review of the SAFE Act, NMLS registration, an overview of state licensing standards, Regulation Z, and Integrated Mortgage Disclosures will make the bulk of the module. 

The second module deals with ethical considerations and consumer protection. An MLO's ethical responsibilities and the ATR/QM rule are demonstrated. Then, fraud, both from within and outside of the mortgage industry makes up the second half of the module. Fair lending practices and balancing one's business aspirations with the health of the market are emphasized.

The third module examines non-traditional mortgage loan products like adjustable rate mortgages and reverse mortgages. The HECM program is featured, along with its changes, its current state, plans for adjustment, and how the world of non-traditional mortgage lending might be evolving.

A final exam will ask 25 questions randomly drawn from the general education portion of the package.

The 1 hour South Carolina continuing education course covers the state-specific content mandated by the NMLS and the state of South Carolina, and ensures continuing licensure for mortgage loan originators. This course is made up of two modules, and they serve to satisfy the 1 hour portion of the student's continuing education requirements.

In Module 1, the student will receive a short refresher on the background and scope of the NMLS as it relates to MLOs within our state. Then they will have exposure to Title 37 (The Consumer Protection Code of South Carolina), including instruction on the requirement for the Attorney/Insurance Preference Form, as well the required document for providing borrowers with a contact point should they have complaints or inquiries.

In Module 2, the student will analyze Title 40 (Professions and Occupations) in regard to prohibited acts by MLOs. Then the student receives instruction in the importance of the mortgage broker fee agreement and penalties for violations of the appropriate sections. The course will then wind down with a short section on recent changes to mortgage lending law in South Carolina and how it affects the MLO.

During the course there will be two short activities to see how the student views the given information in real-world scenario activities, as well as two short quizzes to check the student's retention of the information.

Finally there will be a short, 15 question final exam based on the information gained from the course.

  • Approved By: NMLS

Instructor Bio

Mary Tillery real estate atyourpaceonline instructor

Mary Tillery, loan originator and Sales Manager at Guild Mortgage, in Grants Pass Oregon, has been actively involved in home lending since 1986. She has originated everything from first time homebuyers, to complex construction financing and reverse mortgages, besides all forms of more traditional lending. Mary combines her depth of knowledge with a sincere desire to know, love and serve her clients. She has been teaching home buying classes for 20+ years and loves to share her knowledge with not just her clients, but with people in the industry who are interested in growing.