South Carolina 10 Hour Complete Broker In Charge Package

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In this 10 hour course, we'll begin with the 4 hour Core Course on a Walk Through the Law. The course will begin with a review of how to navigate the South Carolina Code of Laws and important definitions to know. We will cover important topics like:

  • Reviewing where to find license law and how to navigate it through an example
  • Explanation of specific definitions of common words in license law 
  • The purpose and duties of the SC Real Estate Commission
  • Definitions of more specific words
  • Duties of Brokers-in-Charge, Brokers, and Associated Licensees
  • Trust accounting regulations
  • Licensure Requirements
  • The types of permissible Brokerage Relationships and the Disclosure of Brokerage Relationships form
  • Duties to customers and clients
  • The difference between dual and designated agency
  • Rules regarding real estate teams'
  • Terminating agency relationships and duties owed to clients after termination
  •  Property Managers, and Property Managers-in-Charge
  • Misconduct and Grounds for Discipline

Then, after the Licence Law review, we will examine the NAR Code of Ethics. Starting with the preamble, and then moving through the Articles, we'll analyze the meaning of the Code and how it's applied. We'll also cover important topics like:

  • Disclosure of defects
  • Occurrence of errors
  • Loyalty to the client
  • Duty of honesty, and
  • Conflicts of net listings

From the NAR Code of Ethics, we'll move on to the Broker-In-Charge portion of our course. It fulfills your core requirement for your Broker-In-Charge license and covers multiple topics that relate to the role of the broker-in-charge in the South Carolina real estate profession. This segment will include instruction in subjects such as:

  • Basic duties and responsibilities of the broker-in-charge (BIC),
  • Transaction brokerage and other licensing law updates,
  • Management and supervision,
  • Managing client trust accounts, and
  • Broker relationships.

Throughout this course, there are quizzes and exercises meant to help you reinforce and retain your knowledge. This is a great package for a one-and-done approach to your 2020-2022 CE!

  • Course ID(s): REC 3417, DEE 2854, DEE 2843
  • Approved By: South Carolina Real Estate Commission

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sheri wytcherley real estate atyourpaceonline

Sheri Wytcherley is the instructor for many of our real estate courses. She is a chart-topping principal broker and a passionate teacher with more than five years of experience as a real estate educator. See more details about Sheri’s background here.

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