South Carolina 4 Hour 2022-2024 - Disclose Disclose Disclose

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This 4-hour course completes your continuing education requirements for your South Carolina Real Estate License. The course fulfills the required 4 hours of mandatory core material that is needed towards the 10 hours you need to renew your license. This course covers the following:

  • Recognizing the benefits of full and fair disclosure
  • The three specific events that trigger mandatory disclosure for licensees
  • Instruction on how to abide by regulations requiring disclosure in advertising
  • When and where advertisements must have disclosures
  • The Disclosure of Brokerage Relationships Form
  • And much more!

The course begins with the topic of disclosures and ethics, going over the legal enforcement of ethics and how businesses can find success through ethical practices. From there, we move to a review of how to navigate the South Carolina Code of Laws, and then on to one of the main topics of our course: mandatory disclosures. We go over personal status disclosures, what the term “first substantive contact” means, and what to do when it’s not clear if you should disclose.

Also covered is advertising, where we go over how disclosures in advertising should be handled, the requirements for these disclosures, and how to handle team advertisements. Next are brokerage relationship disclosures, where we again discuss the concept of first contact. Types of agency are covered, including the broker-in-charge and dual agency. This section of the course is closed with instruction on how to handle disclosures with multiple clients.

This section is followed by brief instruction on disclosures when licensees themselves are making purchases, followed by the role and duties of the transaction broker. The topic of brokerage relationships is then revisited, where we go into further detail in an interactive section on the ins and outs of this important relationship. This portion of the course concludes with discussion on material adverse facts and the Residential Property Condition Disclosure Act.

The final section of the course includes the topics of the disclosure statement, stigmatized property, disciplinary actions, what happens when one fails to disclose, and a brief section where we review everything we’ve learned in the course.

This course does not have a final exam. Instead, there are four incremental exams between sections of content. Each exam asks 15 questions based on the content we have just covered.

There are also various exercises for students to be more involved in the course. These exercises are placed between sections of content, and around the incremental exams.

  • Course ID(s): DEC 4039
  • Approved By: SC Real Estate Commission

Instructor Bio

sheri wytcherley real estate atyourpaceonline

Sheri Wytcherley is the instructor for many of our real estate courses. She is a chart-topping principal broker and a passionate teacher with more than five years of experience as a real estate educator. See more details about Sheri’s background here.

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