South Dakota 12 Hour Residential Rental Agent CE Course

  • 12 Hour Course
  • $110.00

Residential rental agents in South Dakota are required to complete 12 hours of continuing education every two years. This course meets all of the state’s requirements in one package. 

In this class, students can expect to learn about:

  • Ethical concerns for real estate professionals, including a primer on ethics
  • Recordkeeping basics, including financial records and property management specific recordkeeping 
  • Real estate as an investment 
  • Real estate-specific mathematical calculations 
  • The economics of property management
  • Contract law and agency basics 
  • Fair housing laws and how to follow them
  • Tenant relations, including balancing tenant and landlord rights
  • Land use control and environmental issues that influence the real estate industry 
  • Marketing and advertising basics for real estate professionals
  • And much more! 

South Dakota law requires that students do not complete their full 12 hours of CE in one sitting. This course is broken into modules that provide intuitive stopping places along the way, and learning progress will be tracked so students can easily pick up where they left off. 


  • Approved By: South Dakota Real Estate Commission

Instructor Bio

sheri wytcherley real estate atyourpaceonline

Sheri Wytcherley is the instructor for many of our real estate courses. She is a chart-topping principal broker and a passionate teacher with more than five years of experience as a real estate educator. See more details about Sheri’s background here.