Texas Real Estate Pre-License: Principles of Real Estate II (30-hour)

  • 30 Hour Course
  • $99.00

Texas Real Estate Pre-License: Principles of Real Estate II is a key piece of our Texas prelicense program designed to help you become a Texas real estate licensee. This particular piece of our program covers a broad spectrum of the most critical subjects required by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) to engage in Texas real estate transactions. In this carefully crafted 30-hour course, you will find:

  • an extended primer in real estate math, with examples of the multitude of areas where it applies

  • an explanation of the appraisal process, how it works and how to work with appraisers

  • a detailed discussion of specialization in real estate

  • And much, much more!

Plus, in this tightly-crafted course, we'll review a variety of additional pertinent topics including land use controls, environmental issues, real estate investment from the licensees perspective, and property management, to provide only a partial list. Enhance your chances to succeed in Texas real estate. Sign up now and get started on your Texas license!

  • Course ID(s): 122
  • Approved By: Texas Real Estate Commission

Instructor Bio

Phyllis Goodrich real estate instructor

Phyllis has been a certified real estate teacher since 1999. Her accomplishments in the field of Real Estate education are numerous and include things such as the CREI Designation from the Texas Real Estate Teachers Association, a CDEI designation from the International Distance Education Certification Center, and the At Home with Diversity Instructor Certification through the National Association of Realtors. In addition to her own courses Phyllis reviews Qualifying classes for publishers, reviews MCE classwork for publishers, and is the author of the pre-license classes for salesman and brokers in Texas.