Utah 18 Hour New Agent Renewal Package

  • 18 Hour Course
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This package was crafted with the new real estate agent in mind, providing a simple yet thorough way to satisfy the complete education requirement for renewing your license for the first time.

First in this package is the 3 hour mandatory core course on: 

  • Agency in Utah
  • Real Estate Purchase Contract Basics
  • Code Updates and Industry Issues

Under the first topic, we'll discuss agent fiduciary duties and limited agency. The second topic includes the basics of the Real Estate Purchase Contract, covering the conditions of a purchase, ways the buyer can cancel, and what happens if they do. Self-reporting requirements, the new Rap Back enrollment requirement, and the important current issue of wire fraud are brought to the student’s attention.

The next 12 hour new agent portion covers the following topics: 

  • Agency Basics
  • Ethics, Professionalism, and Communication
  • Real Estate Purchase Contract Basics
  • Proper Pricing and Valuation
  • Federal and State Laws

Finally, the 3 hour elective hones in on real estate mathematics and transfer of title methods.

There are three short quizzes in the first portion, as well as in-text questions throughout the package. Videos and images are also utilized to aid comprehension.

  • Course ID(s): MR191156, R200268, RA200269
  • Approved By: Utah Division of Real Estate

Instructor Bio

sheri wytcherley real estate atyourpaceonline

Sheri Wytcherley is the instructor for many of our real estate courses. She is a chart-topping principal broker and a passionate teacher with more than five years of experience as a real estate educator. See more details about Sheri’s background here.

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309 Reviews