Wisconsin 3 Hour Real Estate New Construction: Elective A


3 Hour Course

Approved By: Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services

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This 3-hour course regarding New Construction is an elective applicable to continuing education for license renewal in Wisconsin. The New Construction course covers very basic construction information regarding common residential construction features, and some commercial, including: 

  • Roof styles and materials 
  • Wall construction and siding 
  • Residential architectural and construction types 
  • Vacant land listings, and 
  • Construction loans

We'll also cover land use controls, public and private, including the authority granted to the government to enact these laws (police power) and the role that private land use controls play in real estate transactions. And, we'll talk about builder certification, builder warranties, the role of the title company, and the impact of liens on real estate transactions.

  • Wisconsin Real Estate CE 6 2018 - Ethics and Best Practices Core Class
    • Wisconsin Real Estate CE 6 2018 - Ethics and Best Practices Core Class [15 Activities]
      • 01. Introduction to New Construction - (Video)
      • 02. Basics of Construction
      • 03. Basic Home Features: The Roof
      • 04. Basic Home Features: Siding, Wells, and Waste
      • 05. Vacant Land Offers and Listings
      • 06. Construction Loans
      • 07. Land Use Controls - Authority
      • 08. Public Land Use Planning and Controls
      • View Additional Activities
        • 09. Private Land Use Planning and Controls
        • 10. Building Codes, Contracts, and Construction
        • 11. Additional Government Regulation
        • 12. Contractor Certification, Builder Rights and Warranties
        • 13. Role of the Title Company
        • 14. Liens
        • 15. Conclusion (Video)
  • Final Exam
    • Final Exam (15 questions)
  • Course Completion
    • Mandatory Questionnaire
    • Certificate of Completion

Instructor Bio

sheri wytcherley real estate atyourpaceonline
Sheri has been an online instructor for AYPO's Real Estate education classes for over 5 years and is a licensed real estate instructor across the United States.

Growing up in a military family, Sheri became very patriotic, developed an adventurous spirit, and grew passionate about helping people.

In 2005 Sheri became a principal broker and opened Oregon Ranch & Home Real Estate in order to better serve her clients. She received the honor of being ranked #5 in Southern Oregon for dollar volume sold for 2008, during one of the most challenging years the market has seen in decades.

"Common sense, integrity, and a quick wit. These are qualities I admire".

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