How Do I Get A Michigan Real Estate License?

by Kacie Goff on 2019-08-09 8:10am

About Kacie Goff

If you love talking to people, helping them find the perfect fit, and having a flexible schedule, working in real estate could be for you. But before you get started in the state of Michigan, you need to take some steps. Specifically, you need to get your Michigan real estate license.

But don’t worry. Getting your Michigan real estate salesperson license is as simple as taking some real estate classes online, passing an exam, and submitting an application. Similarly, once you’ve worked in real estate for at least three years, you can get your Michigan real estate broken license by taking online real estate courses (Michigan-specific), passing an exam, and submitting your broker application. 

To learn everything you need to know to get your salesperson or broken Michigan real estate license, keep reading. 

How to get a salesperson Michigan real estate salesperson license

Getting your license to work as a real estate salesperson (under a licensed broker) in the state of Michigan is a pretty straightforward process. And it takes just three steps. 

Step #1: Complete your Michigan real estate classes

First things first, you need to learn the ropes. And the Michigan Department of Licensing & Regulatory Affairs (LARA) has you do this by taking 40 hours of real estate classes online. You need to take these classes from a LARA-approved Michigan real estate school. Once you’ve finished your classes, you’ll receive a certificate of completion. 

Step #2: Send in your Michigan real estate license application

Next, you need to submit your application to get your Michigan real estate license. LARA has made this easy to do online at their iCOLA site. And if you need help during your application process, they’ve even put out this handy step-by-step guide for setting up your account and submitting your application, along with the required $88 fee. 

Step #3: Pass your state exam

The final step in your process is to pass the required exam. It’s administered by PSI and, once you’ve been pre-approved based on the application you submitted to iCOLA, you can schedule your exam online. The cost for the exam is $79. 

PSI has seven exam centers throughout the state and they publish a bulletin full of tips on what to study, what to expect during your exam, and more. 

Once you pass your exam, PSI sends your information to the state so they can issue you your salesperson license. 

How to get a Michigan real estate broker license

Once you’ve worked in real estate for at least three years and you’re ready to manage your own business, you’re eligible to apply for your broker license. And the process is very similar to getting your salesperson license, although the courses you’ll need to take from your LARA-approved Michigan real estate school vary and you do the steps in a different order. 

Step #1: Complete your real estate classes online.  

This time, you need to take 90 hours of Michigan online real estate courses from a LARA-approved school. Again, your school will issue you a certificate of completion once you’re finished. 

Step #2: Pass the PSI exam

This time, you take the PSI exam for brokers before you submit your application to become a broker. The cost for the exam is still $79. 

Step #3: Submit your broker application

Finally, you can complete your Michigan real estate broker application. The fee for your application will vary based on when you submit your application. 

When your application is accepted, you’ll be ready to start working as a broker in the state of Michigan.

Keeping your license active

Once you have your Michigan real estate license, don’t forget to keep it active. You can learn all about the continuing education requirements for license renewal in this LARA document.