How At Your Pace Online Can Help You Fulfill Your CE Requirements

What do leap years and your California real estate continuing education have in common? They happen every four years, of course! And if you’re looking to renew your California real estate license soon, you’re likely on the lookout for an online school that can provide you with what you need to fulfill the continuing education requirements. There are so many online providers out there, and it can be difficult to choose one that will provide helpful content, websites that work, and customer service that can help you when you need it most. Luckily, At Your Pace Online does just that— and more! Here’s how AYPO can help you fulfill your CE requirements.

State Approved

When looking for continuing education providers, always make sure that the courses have been approved by the state. All of At Your Pace Online’s courses have been approved by the California Department of Real Estate and proudly display our certificate on our website. Approval ensures that your courses will be counted toward the 45 hours needed for license renewal. If you take classes that haven’t been approved, you’ll likely find yourself in a pickle down the road and won’t be able to renew unless you retake the hours with an approved provider.

If you have more questions about a class’s California DRE approval, check out the approved real estate continuing education courses section of the DRE website.

Finish the Course at Your Own Pace

One of the biggest advantages to some online education courses is that you can complete them at your own speed, on your own time. We love it so much that we named our company At Your Pace Online! You’ll never feel rushed, and if you need to spend more time on a particular subject, you can. If you take a quiz and realize you didn't understand a topic as well as you thought, you can go back and practice until you’ve mastered the concept. This puts you in control of your own learning experience, ensuring that you get the most out of it.

Quality Content

In order to be approved, the state requires that certain topics be covered in each course, and no CE provider can get around that. However, At Your Pace Online sets itself apart from the pack by how it teaches that information. Real estate laws and regulations aren’t always the most exciting topics— and we understand that. That’s one reason why we include videos within our courses. Reading pages and pages of text can get a little dry. But a skilled instructor walking you through the concepts via video is more engaging, helping you better retain all of the information. 


Students should be able to use what they learn in the real world, and AYPO gives them the knowledge and tools to do that. We strive to give students real-world examples and teach concepts in a way that isn’t just a regurgitation of legal code. Courses are broken up with periodic quizzes and exams to help with comprehension and to ensure that you understand the material being presented instead of just clicking through slides.


Ease of Use

At AYPO, we keep the student in mind. Our website is easy to navigate and understand. Everything from the purchase process to the course itself is simple and to-the-point. Even users who don’t consider themselves tech-savvy can operate our courses with ease. You won’t find confusing purchase pages that con you into buying unnecessary courses or services you don’t really want. Students can purchase our courses individually or in packages that satisfy the specific renewal requirements of first time broker, first-time salesperson, and second and subsequent renewals for both.



If you look at other providers, keep in mind that just because a course is online doesn’t necessarily mean it’s portable. Some providers only optimize their classes for the computer, meaning you’ll have to sit at your desktop or laptop in order to work on the course. With At Your Pace Online, you’ll find that our courses are also mobile-friendly. You can take them on your phone or tablet anywhere you go— the home, office, open houses, or even the pool if you wanted to. This gives you the opportunity to do your coursework during any downtime you have, even if it’s only a few minutes here and there.


When you’re on a time crunch, it’s hard to be at the mercy of other people’s schedules. In-person classes can be hard to plan around, not to mention the fact that you waste time sitting in your car going to and from the brick-and-mortar location. With the 100% online format of At Your Pace Online, you can conveniently log on and work on your class whenever you want. There’s no need to spend precious moments driving or waiting for course materials to arrive. You also won’t have to wait around for your certificates to arrive in the mail. You can print them from home once you pass your final exam or save them as a PDF to attach to your online renewal application.

Great Customer Service

Customer service can make or break the customer experience. Prompt responses with a positive attitude and a solution can turn a negative situation into a positive one. Of course, we hope you won’t have any issues while taking our classes, but things happen. Whether you get locked out of your account, have questions about a transaction or pricing, or have concerns about a particular course, our friendly customer support is at your service!  Our staff can be reached by phone, email, or even via chat on our website. Our goal is to help you learn and get your California real estate license renewal.

Ready to get started on your California real estate continuing education?

If you’re looking to renew your California real estate license, At Your Pace Online has all the required courses you’ll need. We have packages that’ll satisfy every type of renewal, as well as individual classes if you’re just lacking a few. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out— we’re here to help!