How to Renew Your Florida MLO License

Mortgage loan originators (MLOs) in Florida with an active license must follow specific steps when renewing their license. To help simplify your renewal process, we scoured the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry (NMLS) website so you don’t have to.

MLOs must renew their license every year between November 1 and December 31. Follow the simplified steps below to ensure you can continue to act as an MLO and avoid costly late fees. 

Step 1: Complete an 8-Hour MLO Continuing Education Course

To renew your MLO license in Florida, you must complete eight hours of continuing education (CE) and submit your renewal application by December 31.* 

Your CE must include the following: 

  • Three hours on relevant federal regulations and law
  • Two hours of ethics training (including training on consumer protection, fair lending issues, and fraud)
  • Two hours on lending standards for nontraditional mortgage products
  • One hour of Florida law-specific education

Want an all-in-one option that will fit into your busy schedule? Our 8 Hour SAFE Core and Florida Law 2023 MLO Package is completely online and fulfills all state requirements. Start or stop any time you like to learn at your own pace. We also report your course completion to the state for free!

*It may take as long as seven (7) days for providers to report your course completion to NMLS. We strongly encourage you to not wait until the last minute to complete CE or you may be prevented from submitting your renewal on time.

Step 2: Ensure That Your Information Is Correct 

Before submitting anything, you must make sure that your Individual MU4 Form, and all the information provided within that form, is still accurate. If you need to update your record, you can find detailed instructions here.  

To update information within your Individual MU4 Form (if necessary), you must:

  1. Log into your NMLS account
  2. Click the “filing” tab
  3. Click “individual” 
  4. Click the “Request New/Update” button
  5. Choose the section of the MU4 form that needs changing on the left navigation panel and save any changes
  6. Click “Attest and Submit” on the left navigation panel.

Step 3: Attest Your License

Before attesting, you should confirm whether you or your company is submitting your renewal request. You can submit the request yourself or your employer can do it. The process of attesting your license is slightly different depending on who is submitting the renewal.  

To attest your license, log into NMLS and click on the “Renewals” tab. If your employer is submitting on your behalf, choose the “Attest for Company” option. If you are submitting your own application, choose the “Attest and Pay” option.  

Regardless of the attestation circumstance, you will need to authorize an FBI criminal background check and a credit report. If your fingerprints on record are more than three years old, you must request a new criminal background check and update your fingerprint record. Follow these instructions if your background check and fingerprints are outdated.

Step 4: Submit Your License Renewal Request 

The NMLS renewal period is from November 1 to December 31. You or your employer must submit your renewal application during this timeframe to avoid any late fee charges. If your employer is responsible for your license renewal application, you can skip this step. 

Visit the NMLS Florida renewal page to view your renewal fee. There will also be additional charges for the required background check and credit report.

The Florida Bureau of Registration will be notified after you’ve submitted your renewal request. The Bureau will review your request, communicate any identified issues, and update the status of your renewal request.

To check on the status of your request, visit the “Composite View” tab in your NMLS account page. The NMLS Call Center can also provide the application status but cannot provide any more information than that or change your renewal request.

Renewing your MLO license may seem intimidating, but if you follow these steps and complete your CE on time, you can count on your renewal request getting approved!