The Benefits of Taking Real Estate Education Online

If you haven’t taken real estate continuing education classes online yet, you probably have some peers in the industry that have. Online courses are quickly becoming the preferred mode of learning thanks to their ease of use, accessibility, and affordability. If you are used to taking your required continuing education at a brick-and-mortar real estate school, you might be nervous to make the leap to online learning— and it’s understandable. At Your Pace Online is here to help you out and tell you all about the benefits to online real estate classes.

Keep Your Schedule Flexible

The flexibility of online courses is the biggest draws for many people across all professions. But if you’re a real estate agent, getting to choose when you learn is particularly beneficial. Your schedule often depends on others and is already hectic enough without having to add in-person CE classes in the mix. By not having a designated class time, you maintain the flexibility to meet with clients last minute or take important calls when they arise. 



Everyone learns differently. We all have our own unique styles that are conducive to understanding and information retention. With 100% online classes like At Your Pace Online,  you can take charge of how you learn. Instead of being stuck in a chair for hours, you can break up your study time into smaller sessions. If you’re feeling ambitious (or are nearing your license’s expiration date), you can knock out more material in one sitting. It’s all your choice!

No matter where you decide to stop, the course will save your progress so you can pick back up where you left off whenever you choose to resume. 

Study Where You Want

Life doesn’t slow down for you to renew your license. Online real estate classes are perfect for those on the go. Not only can you learn when you want, but you can learn where you want. You have the ability to log into your account and work wherever you have an internet connection. You can do a little learning when you have downtime at the office, from a coffee shop if you want to get away, or in your pajamas in the comfort of your own home. (Nobody’s going to judge ya!)


If that’s not reason enough, At Your Pace Online takes it a step further with our mobile-friendly classes. This means that you aren’t even tethered to a wifi connection. If you have cellular data on your smartphone or tablet, you can take your class virtually anywhere. 

Review Material Whenever You Need To

In a traditional classroom, once the instructor has finished covering a topic, they’re moving onto new ones. But what if you’re a little unclear on something? Some raise their hands and ask questions, but most of the time, students fail to speak up and just move along with the rest of the class. With self-paced web-based schools like At Your Pace Online, you’ll never run into this problem. If you complete a lesson but still feel a little fuzzy on the subject, you can review the material whenever you want, and you won’t have to worry about holding up the class with your questions. 


It also comes in handy when preparing for the final exam. You can quickly skim lessons and review important topics, which is useful if you’ve spaced your studying out over time. This ensures that you’re ready for tests and make the grade the first go around so that you can get your license renewed on time.


Greater Selection of Classes

Prior to the internet, agents were restricted to the course catalog that their local real estate school offered...and it usually wasn’t the best. Online schools have ushered in a new age of continuing education choices. Not only can you find the necessary courses to satisfy your renewal requirements online, but you can also find a wide variety of interesting electives that can benefit your career. 


These classes allow you to dive into niches and specializations that you may not get to learn about in a traditional classroom setting. You’ll find courses taught by experts across the industry that will give you helpful insight and ideas on how to achieve success in your career. Explore areas of leadership, professional development, and classes that better prepare you for a changing landscape in the industry. The possibilities are endless when you choose to learn online.


Aside from the variety in subject material, you can also explore different modes of learning. Some courses are solely text on-screen, while others rely on video or interactive components to teach their students. At Your Pace Online uses both video and text in our courses, creating varied and engaging lessons. 


If you like to save money, e-learning is the way to go. Typically, online classes are cheaper than in-person classes. Because providers can offer classes to the entire state (or like AYPO, most of the country) they can offer lower prices. You also won’t need to worry about buying extra materials or text, because everything you need is right on the screen. 

Bonus: It’s Eco-friendly!

Online classes benefit more than just the student— they benefit the planet as well. You’ll save paper by cutting out the need for lengthy textbooks and workbooks. And not only will you help save a tree or two, but you’ll cut back on your emissions by skipping the drive to and from class. So when you take an online course, pat yourself on the back. You’re doing a small part to help the planet! 

Ready to begin your real estate continuing education online?

With all these benefits, it’s hard not to make the jump to e-learning. If it’s time to renew your real estate license, visit our website and browse our course catalog. At Your Pace Online offers state-approved continuing education courses that will not only satisfy renewal requirements, but help students excel in their real estate careers. Contact us today if you have any questions or concerns about online real estate continuing education!