What You Should Look For in an Online Real Estate School

The advent of e-learning has brought many advantages to the world of real estate education. Flexibility in scheduling, the ability to work from where you want, and a greater choice of classes are just a few of the benefits you’ll get with online courses. But unfortunately, not all online real estate schools deliver a quality product. And without buying first, it can be hard to determine which one will provide a comprehensive, worthwhile course. At Your Pace Online is here to help! When researching real estate schools online, here are some things to be on the lookout for.

Approved by Your State

First, the courses need to be approved by your state’s real estate commission. State approval signifies that the course has the necessary information, meets time requirements, and covers state-specific laws correctly. You’ll get credit for the approved courses that you take; if you go with an unapproved course, you might end up having to retake it. And just because the course has been approved by a state doesn’t mean that you’ll receive credit for it in your state. Make sure that it is approved to satisfy the requirements for the state that you’re licensed in.



But state approval isn’t necessarily an indication of how good the product is. When the state reviews classes, they aren’t checking to see if the website is reliable, if the course is engaging, or if the customer service is good. They simply ensure that it covers the right material, so it’s important to take all of the factors into consideration.

A Working Website

An online school without a good website is like walking into a brick-and-mortar location with crumbling walls. It’s probably best if you turn around and walk out. You might be thinking: I’m not tech-savvy, how can I tell if it’s a good website? There are a few easy red flags to be watching for that’ll more or less let you know if the website is reliable.


  • Is the website outdated looking? You can probably tell when a website hasn’t been updated since the mid-2000s. If a school hasn’t put effort into keeping the website up with the times, it’s likely that the course itself will be laggy and behind the curve. 
  • Is the content on the screen correct and current? Aside from the design of the website, you’ll want to ensure that the information presented on the screen seems up to date and accurate. If you see promotions for 2013 courses or information that doesn’t reflect recent law changes, be careful!
  • Can you find the information you came for? Some schools create websites that are confusing, difficult to navigate, or misleading. Products should be easy to find, identify, and purchase. Problems with this upfront might mean problems navigating the course later.


Just taking note of these simple things can save you major headaches down the road.

Website Security

Some people are concerned with purchasing things online in fear of their personal info landing in the wrong hands. This is totally understandable. Identity theft and online scams are unfortunately becoming increasingly common on the internet, which is why it’s important that the provider has certain security measures in place to protect customers. For example, At Your Pace Online’s transactions are protected using a 256-Bit SSL Encryption, meaning the data that you send to us is safe.


Some browsers like Google Chrome tell you if the connection is secure. (We have their seal of approval too!)

Quality Courses

It can be hard to determine the quality of the course before you purchase since schools don’t often give previews, but what other students say about the material can be a helpful indication. Some courses from the other guys get consistent reviews of being too technical, difficult to get through, and an overall unenjoyable process. While some legal jargon is unavoidable due to state requirements, courses shouldn’t have you banging your head against the desk in boredom. 


Another sign of a good quality course is if the school incorporates different modes of teaching, like interactive components or videos. These keep students engaged, helping you better retain the information.

Affordable Prices and Package Deals

Prices that seem unusually high may be a red flag. Online classes should generally bring you savings compared to in-person classes. Since online schools can serve entire states instead of just one town or region, they can afford to have lower prices. Remember that when it comes to continuing education, expensive doesn’t equal quality. Schools like At Your Pace Online provide quality courses at an affordable price.


Another nice touch is package deals that bundle all of the courses that you need to renew your license. This isn’t necessarily a dealbreaker factor, but it saves you from having to purchase each course individually and typically saves a few dollars.

Friendly Customer Service


Read the reviews of a school and see what people have to say about their customer service experiences. If you see stories of a support team that is unhelpful, unresponsive, or even hostile, steer clear! Unfortunately, problems do come up, even with good schools. You might forget your password, get locked out of your account, or have questions about pricing. The difference and good experience and great experience is the customer service team. 


Not only do you want a team that will help you solve your problems, but you want someone who will do it with a positive attitude. Nothing’s worse than dealing with someone who is rude when you are just looking for answers. Look for a school that prides itself on prompt, helpful service. Having multiple methods of communication, like phone, email, and chat, is also helpful.

Need to take real estate continuing education classes?

If it’s time to renew your license and you’re looking for a quality school for your continuing education, you’ve come to the right place! At Your Pace Online checks all the boxes when it comes to looking for the best online real estate school. To browse our selection of courses, visit our website, and select your state. If you ever have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our friendly support team is here to help!