How to Pass the Alabama Real Estate Exam

Written by Kacie Goff

In order to get your real estate license in the state of Alabama, you need to meet certain eligibility requirements, complete the required 60 hours of pre-license education, and jump probably the most difficult hurdle: passing the Alabama real estate exam.

Very few people like taking tests for any reason. But when it’s one you need to pass in order to start a new career, it feels particularly critical, especially considering you’ve already put dozens of hours into working toward your license. 

We’re here to help. Not only do we offer an Alabama real estate exam prep course that can boost your chances of passing by 11%, but we also have tips and tricks. Here’s what you need to know to get a passing score on your test. 

Use your pre-license hours

It’s easy to want to skate through your 60 pre-license hours, especially when you can take them online and at your own pace. But if you only pay the bare minimum of attention, you’re making your exam harder.

The whole point of those 60 hours is to teach you what you’ll need to know to start your real estate career. And guess what the exam tests? That you know the essentials for a real estate career. So, basically, you already get 60 hours of built-in study time with your pre-license education.

How do you learn best? If note-taking during the course helps you remember things, do it. If you like learning from flashcards, consider making some for each major course topic. Basically, really trying to commit your pre-license education to memory sets you up for success.

Learn what to expect

Test-taking gets a lot scarier when you feel caught by surprise. Fortunately, PSI — the organization the state uses to administer the exam — issues an extensive (and helpful) candidate bulletin about the exam. It’s worth perusing yourself because it includes some sample questions and outlines all of the topics the exam will cover. But to get you started, the highlights are:

  • The exam is three-and-a-half hours long.
  • It’s multiple choice.
  • It consists of 40 state and 100 national questions, but they’re not broken into two sections. Instead, the questions are all mixed in together. There might be some non-scored questions in there, too. 
  • You need a scaled score of 70 to pass. 

Take practice exams beforehand

Again, knowing what you’re heading into can help you keep nerves at bay and do your best on the day of your exam. Fortunately, you can take practice exams to make sure you’re comfortable with the exam format and the types of questions that will be asked. 

In fact, our exam prep course includes unlimited practice tests precisely for this reason. We’ve seen how people do better when they’ve had the chance to get comfortable with the exam format. As they say, practice makes perfect. 

Try not to stress too much about your Alabama real estate exam. If you don’t pass on the first try, you can take it again. (And if you took our exam prep course and don’t pass, we’ll refund your money.) 

Ultimately, as you get comfortable with the exam’s content and format, you can help yourself get the best score possible on the day of your test.