How to Pass the Florida Real Estate Exam

Written by Kacie Goff

If you want to become a Florida real estate sales associate, you’ve got quite a few to-dos in front of you. You need to get fingerprinted, send in the fairly extensive application, and finish all 63 hours of required pre-license education. But that’s not even the most daunting part. You also have to pass a test.

Whether you’ve got lifelong test anxiety or just don’t want to go through the hassle of sitting for an hours-long exam, tough. There’s no getting around this requirement for Florida real estate sales associates. That’s a particular bummer because the average pass rate is a far-from-impressive 47%.  

The good news? You can give your chances of passing a serious bump by taking some steps before you head to your exam appointment. Here are our top tips for passing the Florida real estate exam.  

#1: Know what to expect

A lengthy exam is always going to feel a little stressful. And since the Florida real estate exam is three-and-a-half hours and covers 19 subject areas, you might feel a little overwhelmed about how much you need to learn before you take the exam.

Fortunately, the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) issues a very helpful Candidate Information Booklet. Not only does this walk you through all of the content you’ll need to know (pages 3-5), but it also gives you test-taking tips (page 8) and tells you what to expect on exam day. Reading that booklet can help you feel more confident and prepared on the day of your exam appointment. 

Although it’s not as helpful, you might also want to look over the exam factsheet from Pearson VUE, the company that administers the exam for the DBPR. 

#2: Aim for a C+

You don’t need to go in ready to write some excellent essay or score 100%. A 75% is enough to pass the exam. What’s more, all 100 of the questions on the exam are multiple-choice. As far as test formats go, this is probably as easy as it gets — so try not to be too stressed. 

#3: Take an exam prep course

An exam prep course doesn’t just cover the topics you should know for your Florida real estate exam. It also gives you the opportunity to take practice exams. If you have test anxiety, knowing the format and getting familiar with it can make a big difference. 

In fact, studies show that taking our Florida real estate exam prep course can boost your chances of passing on the first try by 18%. Long story short, if you want to feel as prepared as possible heading to your exam appointment, consider completing an exam prep course. 

#4: Don’t panic if you fail

If you don’t pass the exam, take a deep breath. 24 hours later, you’ll be able to schedule another exam appointment. And since the exam costs less than $40 to take, it’s not a huge gut-punch to have to do it over. You can keep retaking the exam as many times as you need to get the 75% grade and pass.