How to Renew an Indiana Real Estate Broker License

Written by Kacie Goff

In some ways, having a license with the Indiana Real Estate Commission is ideal. You don’t have to renew very frequently and when you do, the associated fees are pretty affordable. The only issue is that knowing what you need to do when can get a little complicated.

If you hold an Indiana real estate broker or managing broker license, you need to contend with separate deadlines for your license renewal and your continuing education (CE). Fortunately, once you know what’s required and the applicable due dates, it can be fairly simple. 

To help there, we laid out everything Indiana real estate brokers need to know about getting CE and renewing their licenses. 

When to renew your Indiana real estate license

First, let’s talk about your renewal deadline. You need to get all of your renewal steps completed every three years. Your license expires triennially on its initial expiration date, so check your license and mark down that deadline. 

All this said, that doesn’t mean you can push your license requirements to the back burner for the years between renewal. The Commission also puts a yearly to-do on your desk: getting CE. 

The continuing education requirement

As we mentioned before, while you only have to renew every three years, you need to get CE done annually. Specifically, all licensed real estate brokers in Indiana need 12 hours of CE every year between July 1 and June 30.

If you’re a managing broker, you also need four of your 12 hours to focus specifically on managing broker education. Fortunately, you can find 12-hour CE courses that fulfill all of the requirements for your specific license type. 

For the hours to count, they need to get Commission approval and center on specific topics like the subjects listed in section 25-34.1-9-11(a) of the Indiana Code. 

While 12 hours a year can feel like a hassle, it’s fortunately gotten easier to meet this requirement. Now, the Commission approves online, on-demand Indiana real estate broker CE. This lets you make progress toward your yearly CE requirement whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you. 

A quick note on post-licensing education

Don’t confuse the continuing education requirement with the separate post-license education requirement. This rule requires all brokers licensed after 2014 to complete 30 hours of post-license education within two years of getting licensed. 

Submitting your renewal

Assuming you’ve completed the 12 required hours of CE annually, you’ll be eligible to renew your license via mail or online. However you choose to renew, the fee is $60 (assuming you get everything in on time). 

If you choose the mail route, include the completed renewal form and your $60 check or money order made payable to “Indiana Professional Licensing Agency.”

If you renew online, you can pay via a card. For help getting your account set up, here’s a guide video from the state


If you need any help during the process or have any questions, you can reach out to the Commission at pla10@pla.in.gov.