Colorado Real Estate Continuing Education

Complete your continuing education to renew your Colorado real estate license today. All of our courses can be completed At Your Pace online in order to help you maintain your license. Once you finish your class you will have an official certificate of completion available to report your CE to the DORA Division of Real Estate.

CE Requirements to Renew a CO Real Estate License

  • Most Colorado Real Estate Brokers are required to take 24 hours of Continuing Education every 3 years.
  • Each year a required Annual Commission Update (ACU) course is designed to meet 4 of those hours.
  • Taking the ACU every year will count for 12 of the 24 hours. The remaining 12 hours can be on Elective Topics.

Colorado 16 Hour Law (ACU) & Elective Package (2017)

16 Hour Course $ 110.00

This is the course for you if you are a real estate professional in Colorado looking to finish ALL of the required elective training, as well as the entirety of this year's Annual Commission Law Update (ACU) Course. The topics explored in this course include legal descriptions, encumbrances, property titles, taxation of real property, valuation, contracts, compliance with the law, general issues with practices, changes to contracts and forms, and additional regulations and resources.

Colorado 12 Hour General Real Estate Concepts Package

12 Hour Course $ 80.00

A student who takes this course will have completed the entirety of the 12 hours of elective training required by the State of Colorado. This 12 hour elective course is designed to provide real estate professionals with an overview of important topics and concepts. This package covers topics such as ethics, errors and omissions, and more!


Colorado 8 Hour Law (ACU) & Elective CE Package (2017)

8 Hour Course $ 65.00

If you are a real estate professional in Colorado who wants to complete the 2017 Annual Commission Update Course and fulfil 4 of the required elective hours, then this is the course for you. This course discusses agency, agency agreements, agent responsibilities, errors and omissions, disclosures including the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) forms, compliance issues, general practices, and new regulations.

Colorado 4 Hour Law (ACU) Update Course (2017)

4 Hour Course $ 35.00

This is a 4 hour course that will provide information that real estate professionals in Colorado need to know in order to operate in an effective and legal manner. This course will fulfil requirements that need to be completed in order to renew a real estate license in Colorado. In this course we will discuss numerous topics including compliance with the law, lead based paint disclosures, managing multiple offers, and new Real Estate Commission approved contract forms.

Colorado 4 Hour Elective Course - Laws of Agency

4 Hour Course $ 35.00

This course is approved by the State of Colorado to provide 4 hours of elective continuing education training. The course covers the common laws of agency, errors and omissions, and changes to Integrated Mortgage Disclosures.

Colorado State Approval Letters


Deaprtment of Regulatory Agencies

Division of Real Estate

1500 Broadway, Suite 925

Denver, CO 80202


Tim Bell

1 Attempt (

531 NE F St.

Grants Pass, Oregon 97526


November 27, 2017


Dear Tim Bell,

 The real estate education course application you submitted for "12 Hour General Real Estate Concept s" has been approved for 12 hours of real estate continuing education credit towards license renewal.

You may provide each student with a copy of the enclosed certificate, or you may provide any other form of course completion certification, as long as it meets the requirements of Commission Rule B-10. If you use your own course completion certificate, please make sure that certificate includes the course number . Failure to do so may result in the credit being denied. If you use our REC-35 certi ficate, please complete, sign, and date the certificate after the course requirements are met. Please do not pre-sign or sign blank certificates without the individual student name and date entered thereon.

As the provider, you must keep course outlines and records of attendance for a period of four years. Please reference the below Course Approval Certificate# for any changes or corrections you need to make to this course.



Richard DelValle

Colorado Division of Real Estate