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We are an approved CE provider by Illinois Dept. of Financial & Professional Regulation Division of Real Estate (Real Estate CE School License # 562.000254).

Complete your continuing education to renew your IL real estate license today. All of our courses can be completed At Your Pace online without having to pass a final exam! Once you finish your class you will have an official certificate of completion available and we will report your course completion to the state for you.

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CE Requirements to Renew an IL Real Estate License

The type of license held will dictate the number of required CE hours.

  • Brokers
    • Required to take 12 Hours of continuing education.
    • Of those 12 hours, 4 hours must be on core topics and the remaining 8 hours must be commission approved electives.
    • CE is due by April 30th of Even Numbered Years.

  • Managing Brokers licensed for 2+ years
    • Required to take 24 hours of continuing education.
      • 12 of the 24 hours are the same as Brokers
      • The final 12 must be in an approved Managing Broker course offered via classroom or webinar.
    • CE is due by April 30th of Odd Numbered Years.

  • Managing Brokers licensed less than 2 years
    • Only required to take 12 hours of CE, 4 hours on core topics with the remaining 8 hours on approved elective topics.
    • CE is due by April 30th of Odd Numbered Years.

  • Leasing Agents
    • Required to take 6 Hours of core continuing education.
    • CE is due by July 31st of Even Numbered Years.

Illinois 12 Hour Complete Broker CE Package

12 Hour Course $ 78.00

This 12 hour package will give brokers in Illinois all the continuing education they need to renew their licenses, and managing brokers will receive 12 of the 24 required hours. 

Included in the package is the newly required 4 hour core for brokers and managing brokers, and 8 hours of elective content.

Illinois 8 Hour Elective Course

8 Hour Course $ 55.00

Real estate professionals in Illinois who complete this course will gain 8 hours of continuing education instruction on elective topics. The course will discuss;

  • Business Practices,
  • Supervision and Management
  • Investment
  • Ethics
  • Errors and Omissions

Illinois 4 Hour Real Estate Concepts

4 Hour Course $ 44.00

This course will provide real estate professionals in Illinois with the skills and knowledge necessary to perform both legally and ethically as a real estate licensee. This 4 hour course will assist students in achieving the following learning objectives:

  • Describe the basic aspects of real estate such as descriptions and encumbrances
  • Examine the role that government power plays in real estate
  • Construct real estate contracts such as listing contracts, offers to purchase, and property management agreements
  • Explain the foreclosure process to clients and assist them in developing a mitigation plan
  • Create and audit financial records which are both legal and sound
  • Evaluate property to determine the market value

Illinois 4 Hour Core

4 Hour Course $ 35.00

This course contains 4 hours of core continuing education content for brokers and managing brokers in Illinois. This course covers license law, agency, brokerage agreements, disclosures, escrow, fair housing, and advertising.

Illinois 3 Hour Agent Safety Course

3 Hour Course $ 25.00

This continuing education class will cover safety with regard to real estate property showings and open houses. It is a 3 hour class that is intended to teach real estate professionals how to stay safe while working in the real estate field.

Illinois State Approval Letters

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LICENSE NO. 564.003107

Course Name: Illinois 8 HR Elective Course - Online

EXPIRES: 6/30/2021

Deborah Hagan,



Mario Treto, JR,

Acting Director

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