Vermont Real Estate Continuing Education

Complete the continuing education to renew your Vermont real estate license today. All of our courses can be completed At Your Pace online in order to help you maintain your license. Once you complete your class you will have an official certificate of completion available to print or save for your records.

We are approved by the Vermont Real Estate Commission to offer online CE courses.

CE Requirements to Renew a VT Real Estate License

  • Broker Licensees expire March 31st of even numbered Years and must take 24 total hours consisting of:
    • 4 Hours of Mandatory CE (Core)
    • 20 Hours of Electives
  • Salesperson Licensees expire May 31st of even numbered Years and must take 16 total hours consisting of:
    • 4 Hours of Mandatory CE (Core)
    • 12 Hours of Electives

Vermont 24 Hour 2016-2018 Renewal Cycle: Broker Package

24 Hour Course $ 165.00

This 24 hour course of instruction will provide all the necessary information for the licensee to renew their Broker's license with the Vermont Real Estate Commission, including the 4 hour segment on mandatory core areas of instruction.

Vermont 16 Hour 2016-2018 Renewal Cycle: Salesperson Package

16 Hour Course $ 115.00

This 16 hour course provides all of the information needed for the Vermont Real Estate Salesperson to renew their license for 2018, including 12 hours of elective material and the 4 hours of mandatory core subjects.

Vermont 5 Hour Real Estate Fair Housing

5 Hour Course $ 40.00

Our 5-hour fair housing elective course is approved by the state for CE hours! This course will cover subjects including fair housing laws and issues, anti-discrimination rules in housing, ethics for real estate professionals, and errors and omissions that can occur in the industry.

Vermont 4 Hour 2016-2018 Renewal Cycle Mandatory Course

4 Hour Course $ 30.00

This course will cover the required core content for Vermont's 2016-2018 renewal cycle. This includes instruction on land use controls, such as zoning and Act 250 permits, as well as a review of Vermont's agency guidelines and new additions to Administrative Code. These additions cover agency disclosures, permitted agency models, trust accounts, advertising, and more.

Vermont 4 Hour Real Estate Contracts & Loan Programs

4 Hour Course $ 30.00

This 4-hour course will provide current Vermont licensees with elective credit towards the renewal of their license. It covers essential concepts for licensees including basic contract law, real estate-specific contracts, listing and sale agreements, and loan programs, including government-sponsored loans.

Vermont 4 Hour Real Estate Financing & Title Insurance

4 Hour Course $ 30.00

This 4-hour course is approved by the state of Vermont for elective credit for real estate licensees. In the course, we will talk about lending laws, sources of financing that buyers can tap into, financing documents that licensees must be familiar with and guide clients through, and the process of obtaining title insurance and going through escrow.

Vermont 4 Hour Real Estate Concepts

4 Hour Course $ 30.00

In this 4-hour course, licensees will gain elective CE credits while reviewing essential concepts like the law of agency, legal descriptions of land, property issues such as encumbrances, and the process of transferring a title.

Vermont 3 Hour Real Estate Agent Safety

3 Hour Course $ 25.00

This 3-hour course is approved by the state of Vermont for real estate licensees? elective credit. It includes content on real estate safety, including how to identify threats and practice real estate safely.