How to Renew a Kansas Real Estate License

Written by Kacie Goff

In the Sunflower State, licensed real estate professionals have to work with the Kansas Real Estate Commission every two years to renew their license. If you don’t, you won’t be able to continue legally working as a salesperson or broker. 

You need to get a handful of things done to complete your renewal. Understanding what’s required can help to make this biennial to-do a whole lot easier. 


The continuing education required in Kansas

If you’re a Kansas resident, you need to get continuing education (CE) as a prerequisite for renewal. In fact, if you renew online (the recommended way), you won’t even be able to submit your renewal application until these hours are done. 

To be eligible for renewal, both salespeople and brokers need to complete 12 CE hours during each two-year renewal cycle. At least three of those need to come from a “Kansas Required Core” course. You can identify core courses by looking at the Course ID number. Commission-approved CE providers put an “M” in front of that identifier (e.g., Course ID M20050).  

Fortunately, getting your CE requirement met can be pretty straightforward. If you choose a Commission-approved 12-hour course, you’ll know you’ve met the core requirement. Plus, you can find courses offered online. That lets you work on your hours when you have the spare time (between showings, on a slow night) from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. 

Once you finish any course, your CE provider reports it to the Commission and it will show up in your license profile.  

If you’re not sure how many CE hours you’ve completed so far this renewal cycle, you can log in to the MyLicense portal to check. 

Your renewal application options

The state gives you two choices for renewal: online or by mail. That said, they say renewing online is preferred and will help to expedite the process. 

The online renewal option in the MyLicense portal opens 45 days before your renewal deadline. If you’ve never set up an account there, scroll to the bottom of that page to watch the instructional video. Once you’re logged in, you can follow the steps in this guide to complete your renewal. 

The renewal fee

To renew a Kansas real estate salesperson license, the fee is $125. For brokers, it’s $175. 

If you renew by mail, you can’t just slip a check into the envelope with your renewal application. Instead, you need to fill out the credit card or electronic check payment form on the second page of your application. Then, you need to submit it by:

  • Emailing it to krec@ks.gov 
  • Faxing it to (785) 296-1771
  • Calling in the information at (785) 296-3411

If you renew online, you can pay the fee via credit card or your checking account as the last step of the process. 


As a licensed real estate salesperson or broker, it’s important for you to keep an eye on your renewal deadline. When it approaches, jump on your CE by knocking it out online. That way, you can complete your online renewal application with plenty of time to spare.