How to Renew a South Carolina Real Estate License

Written by Kacie Goff

Whether you have a salesperson, broker, or property manager license from the South Carolina Real Estate Commission, you’re probably aware that you have periodic to-dos to keep your license active. But because the renewal deadline only rolls around every two years, it’s easy to forget what’s required. 

We can help there. Here are all the things South Carolina real estate brokers, salespeople, and property managers need to know about renewing their licenses.  

The June 30 deadline

Licenses are good for two years and expire every other June 30th. 

The window opens the first weekend of May. You should get a renewal notice from the Commission around that time (but your renewal is due whether or not your receive it). 

For every month you’re late in submitting your renewal, you’ll pay an extra $15 in renewal fees. If you don’t get your renewal completed by the end of the year, the Commission cancels your license and you’ll have to apply for a new one. 

2021-2022 fingerprinting requirement

The Commission requires all licensees to periodically get fingerprinted so they can perform background checks. 

That requirement applied to renewals in 2021 and applies to licensees renewing in 2022. If you’re due for renewal this June, you should have received an email with instructions for the fingerprinting process. If you didn’t get it, email Contact.REC@llr.sc.gov. Ask for renewal fingerprinting instructions and include your license number and name. 

When you make your appointment, keep the proof of registration for fingerprinting and your TCN number from IdentoGO.

Continuing education hours

You probably know you need continuing education (CE) to renew, but the specific hours required can be tricky to recall. Let’s give it a quick overview.

Salespeople and brokers -

Need 10 hours total:

Brokers in charge (BICs) -

Need 10 hours, too, but they break down differently:

Fortunately, you can take these hours online at your own pace. Once you’re done, your CE provider should report your hours to the Commission for you. 

If you’re a property manager, a property manager in charge, or a timeshare salesperson, you don’t need CE. 

There are exemptions, too, like for military personnel and people over 65 with 25 years of licensed experience. To find out if you might be exempt, check the end of this bulletin from the Commission. 

Submitting your renewal

The Commission recommends sending in your renewal online, although you can use the paper form. If you go the hard-copy route, include a check or money order (not cash) for your renewal fee made out to “LLR-Real Estate Commission.”

To renew online, head to the licensing portal. You’ll pay your renewal fee with a credit card or electronic check. For help renewing online, refer to this bulletin from the Commission. 

Whether you renew online or by mail, the renewal fees for:

  • BICs and property managers in charge are $75 per office supervised
  • Brokers and property managers are $55
  • Salespeople are $45
  • Timeshare salespeople $50

If you run into any issues, you can contact the Commission at Contact.REC@llr.sc.gov or (803) 896-4400.