CE Requirements for Active and Inactive Real Estate Licenses in New Hampshire

Written by Kacie Goff

You put a lot of work into getting your New Hampshire real estate license, so you probably want to keep it in good standing. Even if you decide to take a hiatus from real estate, you don’t want your license to lapse. Otherwise, you would need to retake the pre-license education and the exam. To avoid that, the state lets you put it on “inactive” status.

You might think that would get you off the hook for renewal to-dos, but it doesn’t. Let’s look at what, exactly, the New Hampshire Real Estate Commission requires. 

CE requirement for all NH real estate licenses

As we mentioned before, both active and inactive real estate licensees need to complete CE during each two-year renewal period.

Specifically, all licensees need to take a three-hour core course that the Commission has approved. To confirm that your core course will count, look for a course ID number like C052.

To get credit for this CE, you’ll need to pass a final exam at the end of your course. Fortunately, if you take your course online, you can take that exam as many times as you need to in order to pass. 

Inactivating/reactivating licensees

If you want to put your license on inactive status, the three-hour core course is all you’ll need as far as CE goes. But you need to notify the state of your inactivity using this form. And you’ll still need to submit your renewal and fee by your usual biennial deadline. 

When you want to reactivate your license, you’ll need to take the additional CE we’re about to go over for active licensees. 

CE requirements for active licensees

To keep your license active or to reactivate an inactive license, you need to take an additional 12 CE hours. That means you need 15 hours total (such as this package offers). Fortunately, like your core course, you can  take all of those online. That also allows you to retake the final exam as much as you need to in order to get your passing grade. 

Note that to reach the 15-hour requirement, you need to take a single 15-hour course or individual courses with unique course numbers. In other words, you can't take the same three-hour course multiple times and count each completion toward your requirement. 

Post-licensing requirements for salespeople

If you’re a salesperson and this is your first renewal, your requirements are slightly different. Specifically, you need the three-hour core course, plus two to three hours on each of the following topics:

  • Purchase and sales (P&S) agreements
  • Ethical behavior
  • Disclosure forms
  • Agency

You can get these hours in an in-person classroom or via a live online course. Make sure you pick a course that’s specifically designed to meet the New Hampshire post-licensing education requirement for salespeople and has approval from the Commission. 


Once you have your CE completed, you still need to take additional steps to complete your renewal. Specifically, renewals cost $90 for salespeople and $110 for brokers (that’s true whether you want your license to be active or inactive). You can pay that fee and submit your renewal online. For more info about the renewal process, visit this Commission webpage.