Utah Real Estate Continuing Education Requirements For Your First Renewal — And Subsequent Ones

Written by Kacie Goff

As a real estate professional in Utah, you’re subject to quite a few requirements around your license renewal. To renew every two years, you have to meet the RAP Back fingerprinting requirement (this is relatively new and you can learn more here) and navigate the Real Estate License Management System (RELMS). You also need to take some continuing education hours.

It gets a little complicated, too, because you need to take certain hours during your first renewal cycle, then different hours for all future renewals. Read on to learn how to meet the continuing education requirements for your first Utah real estate license renewal and all subsequent renewals. 

How many hours are required for your first Utah real estate license renewal?

If this will be your first time renewing your Utah real estate license, you need to take specific courses to reach a total of 18 continuing education hours before you can renew. 

Specifically, you need to finish both the:

Additionally, to meet the full 18-hour requirement, you need to take three additional hours of continuing education. These can be on what the Division of Real Estate calls “core topics” or they can be elective hours. 

The good news? You can take your hours online. Some providers even offer a full 18-hour first renewal program so you can easily meet all the requirements for your first renewal. 

How many hours are required for your other Utah real estate license renewals?

Once you get past your first renewal, you still need to take 18 hours of continuing education during each renewal cycle. But you get some more freedom as far as what your classes can cover.

Nine of your hours are pretty well-defined by the Division of Real Estate. You’re still required to take the 3-hour mandatory course and you need six more hours on what they call “core topics.” You can find core topics hours by using their continuing education course search tool. Check the box by “Core” to return only courses that meet that requirement.

The other nine continuing education hours give you more flexibility. These are elective hours you can use to learn about topics that are relevant to your business, like ethics or marketing. Just make sure you take your hours from a Division of Real Estate-approved provider (you can use their search tool to find options) so that they’ll count toward your renewal.

Once you finish your continuing education hours, your provider should automatically report them to the state. The Division of Real Estate says that you need to finish all of your continuing education hours by the 15th day of your renewal month. This gives them time to get your hours logged in their system so you can complete your renewal without hiccups. 

Renewing your Utah real estate license for the first time can feel like a major undertaking as you learn to navigate the RELMS and find the continuing education you need. But it gets easier each renewal cycle. Get started on your continuing education early and take your courses online to make the process as easy as possible for yourself.