What Are the CE Requirements for a Real Estate Agent?

For most people, real property is the biggest purchase they’ll ever make, and a real estate agent is a crucial part of the process. You’re an expert guide that knows how to speak the language of the industry, gives objective information and opinions, and protects clients against unethical sales. Periodic continuing education requirements ensure that agents and brokers are competent and informed in their job. 


What are the continuing education requirements for a real estate agent?

Continuing education requirements are set by each individual state, and no two states are exactly alike. Typically, brokers can expect to take more hours than an agent, with classes that consist of topics like management and supervision. Required hours may also vary depending on how many times you’ve renewed your license. States also specify which classes are mandatory and how many hours can be allocated towards electives.


For a detailed list of requirements, including specific classes, visit your state’s real estate commission website. Here is a brief overview of what you can expect for your license renewal. 


Alabama: 15 hours of Alabama continuing education is required for license renewal. Hours must be completed before September 30th of even-numbered years. 


Alaska: Licenses expire on January 31 of even-numbered years. Licensees must complete a total of 20 hours of CE to renew.


Arizona: Licenses are valid for two years from the date of issuance. Salespersons and associate brokers must complete 24 hours of CE; designated brokers and delegated associate brokers must complete 30 hours for renewal.


Arkansas: License holders must complete 7 hours of CE annually to renew a license for the upcoming calendar year.


California: 45 hours are required every 4 years in order to renew. First-time salespersons, first time brokers, and second & subsequent renewals for both all have different class requirements. 


Connecticut: 12 hours of CE must be completed before renewing your license on even-numbered renewal years. Brokers must complete their CE and renewal by March 31st; salespersons must renew and complete CE before May 31st.


Washington D.C.: Both brokers and salespersons must complete 15 hours of CE before their expiration date. For salespersons, licenses expire August 31st of odd number years; brokers licenses expire on February 28th. 


Delaware: After the first renewal period, you must take 21 hours of CE by April 30th of even-numbered years. First renewal period CE requirements depend on the date you obtained your license.


Florida: Most licensees must complete 14 hours of CE every two years.  First-time renewals must complete the 45-hour Sales Associate Complete Post-License Course. Licenses expire on March 31st or September 30th every two years. You can read our complete guide to renewing in FL here.


Georgia: 36 hours of CE must be completed every 4 years.



Idaho: First-time renewals must take post-license curriculum. All other renewals must complete 12 elective hours and 2 Idaho core classes.


Illinois: The number of hours depends on the type of license held. Brokers are required to take 12 hours; managing brokers licensed for more than two years need 24; managing brokers licensed for less than two years must take 12 hours; leasing agents are only required to take 6 hours. All brokers must complete CE by April 30th of odd-numbered years and leasing agents must finish their CE by July 31st of even-numbered years.


Indiana: 12 hours of CE must be completed by June 30th each year.


Iowa: 36 hours of CE are required for license renewal; however, only 24 of the hours can be taken online.


Kansas: License holders must complete 12 hours of CE every 2 years.


Kentucky: 6 hours of CE are required every year, and license holders must complete the Kentucky Core course once every four years.


Maryland: For renewal, license holders must complete 15 hours of CE.


Massachusetts: 12 hours of completed CE are required prior to renewing your license.


Michigan: License holders must take 18 hours per three-year licensing cycle.


Minnesota: In a two-year license cycle, 30 hours of CE must be taken— 15 per year.


Missouri: Licensees must take 12 hours of CE. For brokers, it must be completed before June 30th of even-numbered years, for salespersons by September 30th of even-numbered years. 


Montana: The licensing year is from November 1st through October 31st. Each license holder must complete 12 hours of CE before the end of every licensing year.


Nevada: 24 hours of CE are required every two years. Up to 12 of those hours can be completed online. 


New Hampshire: All active license holders must obtain 15 hours of CE before renewing their license every 2 years.


New Jersey: All license holders must complete 12 hours of CE by April 30 of odd number years.


New Mexico: All license holders must complete 36 CE hours during each three-year licensing cycle.


New York: Licensees are required to take 22.5 hours of CE for renewal.


North Carolina: Agents need 8 hours of CE every year by June 10th in order to renew their license.


Ohio: Licensees must complete 30 hours of CE every three years prior to their license expiration date.


Oklahoma: Every three years, license holders must complete 21 hours of CE.


Oregon: 30 hours are required for most license holders for renewals. First-time renewals have additional requirements. 


Pennsylvania: By May 31st of even-numbered years, license holders must complete 14 hours of CE.


Rhode Island: Most licensees are required to obtain 24 hours of CE by April 30th of even-numbered years.


South Carolina: Agents must complete 10 hours of CE every two years in order to renew their license.


South Dakota: Most license holder must complete 24 hours of CE during the preceding two license years.


Tennessee: Licensees renew every two years and must obtain 16 hours of CE.


Texas: Brokers and agents must take 18 hours of CE every two years for renewal.


Utah: License holders must complete 18 hours of CE to renew their license. 


Virginia: For renewal, brokers must take 24 hours of CE, a salesperson with 2+ years of experience need 16 hours, and new (less than 1-year experience) salespersons must complete a special post-license education course.


Washington: For second and subsequent renewals, real estate brokers and managing brokers are required to take 30 hours of CE. 15 of those hours must be completed within 24 months of the renewal dates.


West Virginia: License holders must complete 7 hours every year before the June 30th renewal deadline.


Wisconsin: Salespersons and brokers are required to complete 18 hours of CE by December 14th of even-numbered years.


Wyoming: License holders must complete their CE before December 31 every three years. Salespersons and associate brokers take 45 hours, and responsible brokers are required to take 53 hours.


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