Where Does AYPO Offer Real Estate Continuing Education Online?

Though each state is different and unique when it comes to their real estate laws and regulations, one thing remains the same across the board: real estate agents are expected to have a certain level of education to obtain and maintain their license. In this industry, being informed of the laws, regulations, and processes of an agent is crucial. A lot rides on your ability to assess situations, provide objective advice, and navigate the relationship with your clients. Periodic mandatory real estate continuing education ensures that you’re up-to-date on laws and are still familiar with best practices.


Online real estate schools have made taking CE easy and convenient, but not all online providers are created equal. This is an opportunity to really learn and grow as a professional; some schools view it simply as a requirement, do the bare minimum, and fail to give anything of value to the student. With At Your Pace Online, this is not the case. We strive to give our students the knowledge, tools, and resources to excel in their careers and serve their clients with the highest level of ethics, professionalism, and skill. We want to be the best online real estate school and the only way to accomplish that is by providing a product of true value to our students.

What are the requirements for continuing education?

Though there are federal laws that affect how real estate transactions are conducted throughout the entire country, the real estate industry is largely governed by state governments, especially when it comes to license and education requirements. Each state is different in what classes they require, the number of hours needed, and how often they must be taken.

Before selecting your classes, it’s important that you understand your specific requirements. In some states, brokers take classes differently than those that agents take. In other states, first-time renewals require additional classes. There’s also a variety of exemptions for continuing education. A few states don’t require you to take the mandatory CE if you’ve been an agent for a certain number of years or if you’re a member of the state bar.


You can find information about your state’s CE requirements on the National Association of REALTORS® website. If you have any additional questions about what classes you need to take, don’t hesitate to reach out to At Your Pace Online or your state’s real estate commission. 

Where Does At Your Pace Online offer real estate continuing education classes?

AYPO offers online real estate classes in the following states:


Are the classes approved by my state?

Most states require state approval of their courses. This ensures that what students are being taught is relevant and accurate. If there were no approval systems, schools could potentially pass along wrong information to the student on processes and laws that are vital to the practice of real estate.


All of At Your Pace Online’s courses are approved by their respective state, meaning you’ll get the credit that you worked so hard to earn. All applicable courses offered by At Your Pace Online also have ARELLO® and IDECC® certifications. Certain states require the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO®) and The International Distance Education Certification Center (IDECC®) Certification for distance education courses. Even if courses don’t require the ARELLO®/IDECC® seal of approval, having it removes barriers to course approval, as the distinction is held in high regard among real estate professionals nationwide.

Can I take another state’s CE courses even if I am not licensed there?

You may come across a class you want to take but realized that it has been approved in a state other than the one that you’re licensed in. Technically, there’s nothing stopping you from taking the course for your own enjoyment and the pursuit of learning. There are just two things to keep in mind when doing this. First of all, remember that laws may be different from your state. For instance, you may take a course in advertising and learn some cool new ways to bring in clients— but you should keep in mind that the laws of how you can advertise may be different. You’d need to check with your own state’s regulations to ensure compliance.


Secondly, the credit doesn’t automatically transfer over state to state. Don’t take it expecting your real estate commission to accept it for elective credit, even if it’s from a reputable school like At Your Pace Online. However, some states do allow you to petition for credit if you take an out of state course that is provided by an online school approved in that state. It’s not a guarantee, but sometimes all it takes is filling out a simple form like this one from the Texas Real Estate Commission. 


If you’re on a tight deadline and are quickly approaching the expiration date of your license, it’s probably best to stick to the tried and true courses that have already been approved in your jurisdiction. This ensures that you’ll get your license renewed on time and you won’t have to suspend any business until it gets sorted out. 

Need to take continuing education to renew your real estate license?


If you are located in a state that At Your Pace Online serves (and we serve a lot of ‘em!), we want to help you renew your real estate license. Our goal is to educate our students and help them gain the skills they need to flourish and succeed in their careers by providing comprehensive, informative courses that are state-approved to satisfy your CE requirements. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your real estate continuing education or our courses, feel free to contact our friendly support team.