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MLO CE Online

We are NMLS-approved to offer Mortgage Loan Originator continuing education in all 50 states and the US territories.  Our online CE classes can be completed entirely At Your Pace Online, and are mobile friendly.  We also offer custom discounts to licensees who need to get CE done in multiple states to satisfy each state's specific NMLS continuing education requirements.  If you need a custom CE package and discount, please call us at (877)-724-6150 and we will get you enrolled in the classes you need to renew this year.

We create new Mortgage CE classes every single year to have the most up to date continung education classes available. Sign up now, and come back next year!

General MLO continuing education requirements

No matter which state issued your MLO license, you’re subject to specific mortgage education requirements because of the Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act of 2008 (SAFE Act). This legislation requires that all state-licensed MLOs take eight hours of approved NMLS CE.

You can’t take just any NMLS course to reach those eight hours, either. Your NMLS training needs to cover specific topics. 

For annual continuing education, the SAFE Act requires state-licensed MLOs to complete:

  1. Two hours of ethics training
  2. Three hours on relevant federal law and regulation
  3. Two hours on lending standards for nontraditional mortgage products
That leaves you with one hour to learn whatever you wish. Just make sure you still take your mortgage education with an NMLS-approved provider. 

All this said, your state may have additional mortgage education requirements or a specific way that you need to complete your continuing education hours. While the NMLS oversees the eight-hour requirement and helps with recordkeeping of your completed hours, it’s important to check with your state to determine the requirements that apply to you. 

Additionally, in some cases, you may apply for license renewal through your state’s website rather than through the NMLS. 

How do I know if I’m required to take my CE this year or not?

Generally, if you got your license after 2009 but before this year, the above NMLS CE requirements apply to you. If you got your license in 2021 (and assuming you completed the required pre-license education), you don’t need to complete any additional mortgage education this year. 

Successive year rule

Quick note: Per the SAFE Act, you can’t take the same NMLS course two years in a row. Make sure you vary your NMLS training each year to comply with their CE requirements. 

NMLS late CE courses — making up your continuing education

If you miss the deadline to renew your MLO license, you need to act fast and take certain steps. Specifically, you need to make up your hours to comply with the eight-hour NMLS continuing education requirements.
These hours need to come from a specifically designated NMLS “Late CE” course. You can find such courses in our catalog under your state's course listing if you need one.
If you have an MLO license that’s been expired for a while, you’ll need to meet the NMLS continuing education requirements for the last year during which your license was active. Make sure you take “Late CE” courses to make up those hours. 

Now you know. You need eight hours of NMLS course work to renew your MLO license, plus any requirements laid out by your state. Stay on top of the NMLS continuing education requirements so CE hours never stand between you and renewal.